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Special Thanks to the Fears

As I lie silently all covered with my blanket right after midnight, I felt like a sudden urge to write something.Getting up and grabbing a set of pencils and a notepad was actually more troublesome than the writing itself since it’s winters here and in these days everybody is so in love with the warmth of their blankets.Anyways I wrote a piece of poetry sort of a thing.

Sometimes when I write,a part of me feels that I am not blunt enough on my point and nobody is actually gonna get what I meant exactly.I felt like this especially on this specific part of poetry.


They said humans have roots,
I tapped my feet hard on the ground,
So I laughed and giggled,
Until I had a storm within me.

They said your roots make you stand upright,
I broadened my chest arrogantly,
So I laughed and giggled,
Until I had the faith shaken within me.

They say with hollow roots you fall with the wind,
I jumped sarcastically with the wind,
So I laughed and giggled,
Until I felt something knocking the spirits within me.

My trembling hands and the bleeding heart within,
The shaken soul encountered all Fears with a grin,
My fears made me feel my roots exist,
My mind had doubts,but they still persist.

Like plants they are competent,yet weakened but have all that I possess,
So Mr.Fear my spirits,my will and my faith are not as easy to suppress.


My midnight Fear…

Many people frequently get scared at nights including my siblings and a few of my friends.I am not actually used to these fears and I don’t get scared normally but yes. . there are always some exceptions.


The worst thing that can ever happen to you is uninvited FEAR and so I had to face it a night before my exam. I had two exams next day, first in the morning and the second one in the afternoon. I wasn’t fully prepared but still I decided to take some rest as I had been studying since the past 17 hours.The initial plan was to sleep early at night so that I could get adequate time to rest.Intentionally, I went to the bed at 10pm but couldn’t sleep until midnight.

At about 2am I woke up because of the noise from the windows.The windows were constantly knocking. For once I decided to go and check but I was scared actually.I felt thirsty and hell hungry but I couldn’t get up as the voices were getting louder and louder.I thought to myself:ImageImage

“What actually am I scared of?

I mean a ghost??

A wizard??? A dracula?? A zombie??

Lol that’s stupidity … Lets just go and get something to eat.”


When I left my room I heard the whizzes of the wind. That was a moment of relief I actually got to know that I was scared of nothing else but the wind.

I checked the fridge and got my hands on a plate of rice and went back to my room.As I was walking by the door ,in the whistling sounds of the wind I could feel someone walking behind me.Now I could hear again the voices of windows,the cats meowing down the road,the leaves,my brother’s loud snores,the guard’s whistle after every minute,the lights from the street directly reflecting through my window and above all the feeling that everybody else is sleeping and I am all alone to face any ghostly creature that turns its face towards me. These things were all enough to make me even more frustrated. I could feel fear travelling through my throat all the way to my blood.

Forsaking everything I turned on the light and started eating. Sometimes you do act lane when you are scared, frustrated or pissed. And so happened with me. Another thought striked my mind.

” People say that ghosts like sweets.
O’ man! No no no I am not eating sweet rice.
It is also a possibility that like humans they also prefer meat.
Emm.. They like human flesh.
Although I am skinny but lol now I can’t deny that I don’t have flesh.
Still I mean if the ghost has to eat flesh he should probably eat my lil sister sleeping next to me. She’s more bulky.
People say ghosts prey on beautiful people.
Oh no no no not me. My elder sister is the most beautiful person in the whole huge world.
People say ghosts scare wicked people.
No man! Seriously I am a nice fellow.”

And ultimately at last I could not sleep till the morning. Yawning in the examination hall I realized how stupid and lame can a person be whenever he is frustrated. 🙂

Enclosed myself in a rusty shell

Enclosed in a rusty shell,
As i walked through the streets of fear,
And surpassed your mere betrayal,
Saw the worst that a Being could ever be,
Never wish,never devise;you could ever see,

So enclosed myself in a rusty shell,
As nobody would walk through my streets of fear,
And never surpasses your mere betrayal,

Your slight,your despise,your filth,your wrath,
Could neither be changed;nor ever priced.
My heed,my fear,my clamors,my losses,
My possessions,mine forever.

As i enclose myself in a rusty shell,
So nobody could ever know,
The storm passed by as i still ensue,
As a relic of all that I’ve been through.