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And you disappoint me…

choti billi
From far away as I see.
bari billi
How you disappoint me.

















I’ve spent days longing to hear you,
But whenever you speak you deceive me,

I’ve slept with my pillows wet hoping to hear you,
But whenever you speak you disappoint me,

But until the next time, until the next day,
I still hope and I still long,

Deceptions apart, disappointments all aside,
As the worth of few(people) is so prized,
That the actions forsaken,
And words all stand aside.


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Self Pity For Ages .. Would I do the same??

selfA few people are actually very difficult to convince whenever they are gloomy. Difficulties impart such a strong sense of disappointment in their hearts that no matter how hard you try you just can’t make them spit it out. Being gloomy , Blaming yourself is not the solution to any problem and Self Pity is a CURSE. It’s like you are depriving yourself of your own rights over you. Nevertheless, it provides you with an excuse for everything wrong that is happening around anywhere, the reason that seemed valid to you and the reason is ” YOU” and only “YOURSELF”.

I wonder if I was provided with such a reason for everything that everybody does on mother Earth, Would I do the same thing ?? Self pity and Blaming myself for ages??

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From an optimist to yet another pessimist


I just thought about a few things that i used to believe and i used to do a few years back.When somebody asked me about my qualities the first answer that i always had was that


A classmate of mine seemed like the most pessimistic person to me.She was always and always worried about something,i dunno what.But whatever it was,it bothered her allot.I kept criticizing her on her moods and never thought about the reason behind it.May be because i was least interested in helping her or because i had no issues in my life at that time.

Now when i look at the way i think about everybody every problem everything i always conclude that may be she may be she was passing through the same phase as i am now.

But my question still remains unanswered.

What is that thing that makes people think this way… What is that thing that make people think that God doesn’t exist … What is that thing that made them think that she was born without any right on herself… What is that thing that makes them think that they dont own it and they don’t deserve it either…


Its DARKNESS and DISAPPOINTMENT that kills a persons self esteem.. That changes the person from inside out..that makes a person struggle and fight with himself and even disown himself.

And its just DARKNESS and DISAPPOINTMENT that makes a pessimist out of an optimist…