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From “Mariyaah”


I hope the letter reaches you in the best of your health and spirits. As a part of me is saying that, the other knows it ain’t true and it won’t happen anyway. After sitting for hours looking at the “New post” section I though of writing a letter to you. Just a thought crossed by that you may need it. I know for a fact that you are occupied by a strange hollow feeling and you may be too full to hear any more advises. You might be too tired of praying and repeating things which hurt you over and over again. I believe right now, you might not be in a right mood or state of mind to listen and consider over my requests.

But hey, do you remember how I were always “all ears” whenever you wanted to say something? 

Do you remember your words “your writings” who stood by you whenever you were too full to express through your tongue?

Do you remember how these hands of yours were all following your mind when you wanted to write any poem anew?

Does your mind comprehend how the colors fell right in their position when you took out your brush to paint?

Did you concede how your mind helped you open ways to your heart when you wrote “Am I a Hesitant Poet”?

You are the beauty of nature.

Yet I know you must be thinking that a few words, a few poems and a few paintings aren’t enough to describe you as a person as your apparent lean fingers are the only thing the world sees.

What would be the use of a mind full with words when what they see is only your messy curly hair above it?
What would be the benefit of a tongue so subtle and quite when only what they see is the apparent face hiding it? 
What would be the worth of a helping heart if only what they see is the body covering it? What value exactly would a submissive soul have if what they see is the mere shortness of length on top of it?
Do souls have height?
Do you need to have a long-heighted soul to be more conspicuous?


Contrarily, my dear they say it doesn’t matter how people see you; the thing that matters is actually how you see yourself. Well, now you must be telling me in return that these are mere Facebook quotes meant for only delusions. But okay I agree with you my dear, okay I admit.

Now If you could just do me a favor and give me just two minutes out of your precious time. Okay I assume you agree. Close your eyes for a moment and answer bluntly what I ask.

How long will other’s opinion about you tends to last?
Yes, until they are around you.
Okay, a “Temporary” phase.

And now, How long will your opinion about you tend to last?
Yes, until your last breath.
So, we may not be wrong if we called it a “Permanent” phase.

In between both these lines my dear, is where you are standing. Move to your own zone and your own mind. Let not the eyes of others blind you and your thoughts for you know you have worked much on yourself and lived the worst of your days all by yourself. These lean hands, the short body, the fickle mind and this ambivalent heart were all which always stood by your side. Let not the words of other refrain you from feeling pride in your own possessions. For I believe what is yours is yours and even after a little scratch only you will be the one feeling pain. So, hold tight on your possessions- loyalty starts within yourself first and see how the rest feels then.


(A deliberate attempt by me to myself just to make me take care of me :D. I’ve never been a person who is fair with herself but it never bothered me the way it does now. Some mood swings and some allergies which will now have to be managed permanently. I believe I am not coping with my allergy quite well instead it is making me quite edgy as I can’t speak properly because of it. Anyhow, just started off with a random post but the end yeah now, I kinda like what I’ve written. Feeling happy about this post yeah yeah :). Okay. Bye. Bye. Bye)

Daily Post: Temporary


For days without you


All these years… and it scares me to even think,
What I would have done without you?

But as much as it scares me,
I know a thing for a fact,

All next years.. and all will be occupied,
By things I am bound to do without you.

That’s the issue,
That’s the reason,
That’s the problem,
And … that’s the cure…

The Daily Post: Panicked

She fainted in “The Boulevard of Broken Dreams”

Daily Post: Always Something to Remind Me

The more I think about today’s question the more an image, past glimpses surround me, it’s like a screenplay revolving time to time within my head. There are a number of songs which remind me of the good times and precious moments in my life, But I can never forget this specific song and the memory track associated with it.

It was back in my school days and was in 12th grade. My Best Friend was the head of the Proctorial Team in our school and due to that she had many responsibilities. She had to look after every issue, every problem and every task imparted upon her by the head authorities. She is naturally very caring so eventually it seemed that she is more of a caretaker to the whole of the school. Initially I never seemed to care, we used to spend quality time together and that’s the only thing that was important to me. But after a certain time things began to change she became more devoted to her work and both of us started compromising on the time we used to spend together. Hours became minutes and minutes were not even there. The time we used to share, now she shared it all with her chores and I shared them with my thoughts. Eventually my thoughts transformed into aggression whenever I saw her working without even giving a damn to where I was.
angry-babyIt is not easy for me to replace people I love. I don’t get attached to people easily but when I do, there is no going back then. So I couldn’t hangout with anyone else although I had a huge group of friends. Even if somebody insisted me to come with them I always had my eyes and mind reaching and searching for her. Okay I know that at this point I seem more of a lover but yeah! I am like that for the people I love. I was possessive, overprotective (which I still am) and hell angry.
My anger emerged out one day when I was waiting for her after off-time, outside the school sitting in my car as I watched the tick tick of my wrist watch. Half an hour passed but she didn’t show up (P.S. we used the same transport). My anger and anxiety level grew as I show the gate again and again. Finally she showed up and at her first glance upon me, she knew that the day could not have been any worse than that. It’s not that I yelled, I screamed, I broke her head or I pulled her hair. It’s just that I said NOTHING. When I am outraged I don’t utter a single word. She says that is the worst punishment for her.
As we drove towards our homes I knew that she would try to convince me throughout the way, so I picked up my music player and played a noisy upbeat song that would prevent me from hearing her voice. I played Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Greenday, I felt the loneliness inside as the lyrics say:

I walk this empty street
On the boulevard of broken dreams
Where the city sleeps
And I’m the only one and I walk alone
I walk alone
I walk alone
I walk alone
I walk a…

My shadow’s the only one that walks beside me
My shallow heart’s the only thing that’s beating
Sometimes I wish someone out there would find me
Till then I walk alone
Ah-Ah Ah-Ah Ah-Ah Ahhh
Ah Ah-Ah Ah-Ah Ah-Ah

I felt myself screaming and singing the song from inside my heart as I passed by the empty roads. I knew my friend was constantly calling me Butttttttttt I was angry. She came closer and rested her head on my lap, I tried pushing her off but she is bulky and I am a tiny skinny soul 😛 .She has strange ways of convincing me whenever I am mad at her. It was all busy thinking when suddenly she stopped moving and she didn’t push me or called my name after that. For a moment I was blank. Then I checked her and realized:surprise

Holy Shit! She has fainted.My friend suffers from asthma by birth and she has certain panic attacks at times. Whenever it happens her condition surprisingly becomes better whenever I am around and our parents are quite aware of this thing.

I told the driver to rush towards the hospital as I tried to console her and cursed myself again and again. I informed her parents and they reached the hospital before we could. Her condition became stable and I went back home.

That night was the longest night ever as I sat behind and thought about the happenings of the previous day. I deleted The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams so that I can never hear it again, and never be reminded of that night.

The past has turned out to be sooo long although, after completing my assignment today I didn’t feel like typing but still. I guess that’s what I can call Blogging addiction.

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Their Nightmares And Mine

While sitting late at night a few days back I came up with a poem stated below. It wasn’t initially intended specially for the Daily Prompt: Nightmares but it is just a coincidence that what I wrote last week has the same topic. I wrote that for my Best Friend and after reading it,

She said: I don’t like it in a way that you should have never thought about this. You were not supposed to think like this ever in your life.
Me: That’s just a nightmare buddy. Nightmares don’t come willingly, Do they??
She: Okay but you are not gonna post it on your blog.
Me: But why?? 😦
She: It is mine and only mine and mine only. NO SHARING.
Me: Ohhh okay.

Today I asked and actually requested her If  I could post my poem on my blog please and she replied:
Haha Come on buddy I was just kidding … Sweetheart off-course you can post, I know you always do. 🙂

So here I go.hh

A demon would come and capture my soul,
A curse would follow and kill me within,
His eyes would seize my every single breath,
And his claws rip off my every organ within,

A witch would come and eat me up,
A ghost would roar and chew my flesh,
A beast just tore me into tiny pieces,
A storm just came and blew my head.

That is amongst the worst nightmares they said,
I laughed silently to the lameness they shred,
And nodded,listened with nothing to be said.

I don’t care about the demons that kill,
For now it’s my turn I’ll have to tell,
I fear one day you would come to yell,
With your gaze against mine and your voice loud and clear,
When the love beholding us would suddenly disappear,

My worst nightmare – One day you would come to yell,
Apart from everything you are just here to tell,
To inform you whether you are lonely or blue,
“It’s just that I never cared for you,
It’s just that I never cared for you.”

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A Land which says …..”GLOOM IS BANNED”

Expectations, dreams and wishes are associated with the existence of human life. The heart of every individual is loaded with them. The extent may be different, the intensity may be different but yet they exist and they hold immense importance in everybodys’ lives. Normally I don’t consider myself as a Dreamy Girl but yet being a human I can’t deny that I don’t have dreams and wishes. Choosing only three from them (as the Daily Prompt said) is quite difficult. Still I have to

  • I wished we lived in a land of peace, a land where no evil no misery and no darkness could ever touch us. I wish my parents, my siblings and all my friends lived there. I wish there was a land where TEARS ARE FORBIDDEN and where disappointment and Self pity finds no place. I wish to see every loved one satisfied as they pass the glowing sea. I wish the land would speak for itself and says every night that GLOOM is banned. I wish I was the owner of that Land. I wish I were the one to make their eyes again so I would have Never let them Cry.land
  • I wish one night the Fears and Nightmares would come to me, To apologize for how ruthless they had been. To tell me how much strength I had shown and how their pinches I had blown. I wish that after that they would never come again for all the desires that they are never gonna gain. I wish my soul to be free of them all, I wish resilience, to fly every time after I fall.we-are-having-a-problem-with-our-commenting-system-we-apologize
  • I wish I could make my life simple, As simple as it could be, As simple as an extrovert can see (So I would rename my blog as “SO SIMPLE”). I wish to be able to see simple things as they are. I don’t want an insight I don’t want to flee. I just want to say things the way they be.complicate

OmG … Noodles Grow On My Head

I am the only Odd kid in my family which was born with curly hair where all of my siblings have straight ones. Most women in my family have sort of wavy hairs but I am the only pure curly one. My relatives keep on telling me that I have hair exactly like my maternal grandfather but as he died even before I was born so I haven’t seen him (and his hairs mainly). Being a curly kid I always seemed odd to my relatives and the elders kept teasing me by calling different names and comparing my hair with noodles,earthworms and both my paternal and maternal grandmothers use to say that my hairs are like many KNOTS tied to my head as it was very difficult for them to comb them up. This is how I looked when I was almost 5.popeye  Now I know they all loved me and they were just joking around but at that time it was not the case. Most of the times I would rush towards the washroom to see my hair in the mirror and would cry and cry and cry. My mother and my grandmother would comb my hair for like five times a day and I would always think WHY ONLY ME??

Whenever my hair were wet my mother would always say: “Mariyaah see your hair look like straight now” and I would always rush towards the mirror to see how I look now. Eventually after that they would dry and I would start thinking about the same old poor me thing. “I hate my hair”,that’s what I always said.

When I grew up and had my younger siblings my mother was more busy with them and she would always tell me to comb myself. Over these years I stopped looking after my hair,not combing them properly and no oiling at all just because I hated them.9proscons

When I was in 8th grade I started thinking to have a do-over and practically do something to straighten them up. When I asked my mom to bring me a hair straighter she thought I am just being zealous for the time being (as I was and still am not that sort of a person who cares or does much for her looks). Angry, disappointed; I told my sister to straighten my hair up using an iron (Yes it’s the one we use to press clothes) as I lay down with my hair all stretched on the ground. I know that seems insane but that’s how I had become with time. After some time my hair were straight and I ran towards my mother.

“Lalalala… See you didn’t let me do that .. But I did it by myself and now see how amazing my hair seems” 😀

She and my father was hell surprised when my younger sister told them how I actually did that.(Younger sisters always have a big mouth …. Errr… I hate it) They were both scared as well that I may burn myself If I did anything like this again. The next week my father brought me a hair straightener and yeahhh here I go. At that day I decided that from now on I am not gonna spend a single moment with these curls I will straighten them every day till everybody is gonna forget that I actually had curly hair. I am a total alien when things come to cosmetics,hair accessories,makeup and everything but soon after I realized that over the attempts to straighten my hair up again and again, they have turned to be pretty much rough and dry. I started taking care of them, combing them and oiling them properly so that I could straighten them again.

One day my routine suddenly changed when my father’s friend came over and his wife came to me and said,”Kiddo you have beautiful hair”. I looked back at her with utmost amusement. I was not happy as I did not believe her. When she left my sister said sarcastically

“Buahah Beautiful hair??? Actually she has not seen how your hair really are”.

I didn’t say a word after that but I thought to myself.

People say like this just because I said that first. If I learn to be happy with what I have, people will learn it too.

After that I stopped straightening my hair and started taking care of them. Many people used to tell me every now and then that my hair looked great and that is one of those compliments that I love the most.I laugh at my decision of straightening them every time until everybody forgets that I had curls. My hair are much grown and they are pretty long now and I like it. The straightener is always kept in the drawer of the dressing table right in front of me but I don’t touch it. Like the past I never stare at the straightener with my eyes still, hoping and wishing that some day my hair will be straight so I won’t have to use this thing. Curly hair has many many pros.16proscons2proscons








Eventually I have learned to thank God for whatever he has given me and whatever I am blessed with. Now I tell everybody that Noodles grow on my head and I am so proud of it.

Daily Post



Wanna Read .. “A Heart”

Well as per the question asked today

You’ve been granted magical engineering skills, but you can only use them to build one gadget or machine. What do you build?

If you talk about a facilitating widget I can say a robot, a learning machine or what so ever. But when the word MAGIC is specifically used I would opt for something that is beyond man power, something that humans can never achieve by themselves. Lets first think about something in my life that is quite hard for me to do ….

Looking inside a person’s heart, feeling the pain he/she feels, seeing that their intentions were never wrong, observing that which word of mine makes them hurt so that I would never say it again. On the contrary learning the intentions of those who seem like a friend but actually they are not. That’s what they say “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.

ImageI wanna have a Heart Reader in my eyes, So that I can know it all at the very first glance. The way you think about me, the way you take whatever I say, The way your heart feels about whatever you say, the actual meaning behind every single word of yours, the compliments you give just for the sake of formality, the fake interest you show just for the sake of conversing, what others think when they walk past you without even noticing, Had they actually overlooked??? Or they were just making excuses??? Are people actually busy or are they just Bragging?? What interests do you have for yourself when you offer help to others?? What do you actually mean when you tell 12 girls/guys at a time that you Love them??

What reasons do they have when they say They are Sorry?? How I interpreted things the wrong way, Had I been misjudging their kindness all the time?? What reasons do they have when they say I don’t care? What are the issues that made them cold-hearted? Which word of mine would bring them back to living? What do they have in mind when they say I am a complete disappointment? And what would it take to tell them that I do care and I Love them despite the differences??


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