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Magical Blues

After several months of delay, finally yesterday I got a chance to visit the nearby art shop to buy my paint stuff. Initially I decided to buy water colours for sketching but I could not afford that since I do not get enough pocket money. Okay! It may seem like I am complaining but actually I am not. I know my parents are giving me THE BEST they can but since I don’t earn for myself so I am always deficient of the money thing. But over the years I have actually adapted and learned to cope up and live with whatever I have and I just thank my Lord enough for everything.

Anyways I saw water colour pencils of all shades and decided to buy a few as an alternative since they were cheaper and I had no doubt on the quality as well. Yet again I could not afford all of them so I just took a few shades of blue.

I am always very eager and excited to use any art thing that I buy so immediately after reaching home I started off with the blues. Just a rough piece of paper and a few sea waves.

The colours don’t seem pretty much obvious in the picture but I actually spent 2 hours while doing this all. I know 2 hours are just too much but I am quite a slow and thrift one in these things.

At the end, I like the way the waves look like. 🙂



Sunset with Oils

When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.”

~Mohandas Gandhi

Although i am not that much fond of painting with oils but still I tried making a Sunset out of them.It didn’t turn out to be as realistic as i wanted, In fact it seems like more of an abstract type.

Anyways .. The first picture indicates it’s rough practice on paper before plotting it on the canvas.

Whereas this picture indicates the original Sunset on canvas (a reluctant try though).

I would have never let you cry

This poem was written by me, a few months ago. For my friends and everybody I love.

If i were, to make your eyes again,
I would have never let you cry…

Yes, i know the differences,
I may not know the pain you deny,
I may not seem the right person to confide,
But i do procure my reasons to deride ..

if i were to make your eyes again,
I would have never let you cry,
Yes, the world is narcissistic,
You may not find the one to rely,
Yes, the crowd is barbaric,
You may not pertain,your rights may die,
But He has blessed us with blue velvet,
So that we can aim as high,

Oh! If i were, to make your eyes again,
I would have never let you cry,
I would tell the tears not to fall,
For they are idle and worthy to me,
Would order your eyes ,not to let them crawl,
For they always seem abhorrent to me,
Would demand your heart to unleash the bonds of glome,
For you are very near & dear to me.

Alas! If i were to make your eyes again,
I would have never let you cry.

An Eagle’s Pride

A symbol of might and right,Standing upright against everything; every shitty thing that was meant to piss you off,As i aim high in the sky and say Hello to you again.

Yes! I am talking about another eagle sketch that I’ve made.

To me it’s eyes show sheer determination,pride and will to achieve whatever it desires for every now and forever.

Painting Sunset with oil paints

I was always very fond of making sunsets with color pencils water colors etc. Painting sunsets always have a very immediate stress relieving and calming effect. They remind you of the calmness and the steady processing of the day to its end.

Recently i have started working with Oils. Oil painting initially seemed hell messy to me so i decided to take proper guidelines from a web or so.I found an amazing site and step by step making of sunset with its color variations.Here goes the site



I wasn’t able to make it quite right as it was my first try.I was also lacking the specific colors for its margins and the sky surrounding near the sun.I also wanted to keep the shades a little bit lighter unlike the sharp colors in the painting.

Here goes my version


I am still looking forward to improving it as much as possible.