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Silent answers

Peace in silence..

It’s amazing what you can learn when you spend some quite time alone with yourself …

The answers you need are all already deep within..


Hmm .. Strange indeed

SavedPicture-20131222175532.jpgWe all live in a strange Era,a strange world:
• Where your worth us determined by the words you utter,not by the heart you possess.
But what if I don’t utter what’s in my heart?spar
• While people are judged by the clothes they wear, not by the thorny path they walk on.
But what if I get my clothes dirty in a dusty thorny way?


• Where your sole asset is your bank account,not your morals,not your values.
Alas! I don’t have a penny.


• Where decisions are made not by needs,Instead they decide what people say.
But what if I govern my own decisions?

• Where the mob gets bigger and bigger each day and everybody claims not to be a part of it.
Ah! If its not me then who makes the mob?

beautiful night road - Beautiful Road Wallpaper

• Where who lifts up herself is called a ‘bitch’ and there are hundreds to knock her down.
Oh! So just consider me that bitch.


• Where people always announce what’s bad in you just because they can’t handle what’s right in you.
What if I forgot to be nicer after that?


• Where people permanently destroy others’ lives just because they are temporarily upset.
What if I refuse to be a victim?


• Where the silent and the patient ones considered feeble,just because their voices suppressed by your roars.
What if I am patient but I can hoar and roar???


Never dimmed

Every wound leaves a scar that can be dimmed with time but cannot be removed”



These are a few words by a great teacher.

There are a few wounds that are not even dimmed,they give you the same pain and suffocation every time and alas!

The passing time can do nothing to them.

A few wounds that make you bow before him, raise your hands and ask for pardon from the Almighty Allah.And if you don’t do that you won’t be relieved not because you are guilty but because it hurts and hurts and hurts.

                 A few wounds dont leave scars … they remain fresh and bleeding throughout your lives.