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A Person Lost Within Me ..

 A dedication to all the words that cross your mind during dark days. A dedication to your endless reluctant and hesitant tries to console yourself, to the hopes developed out of the most hopeless situations, and to yourself when you really were by the wrath of time.
                When at the end it is between YOU and Yourself….

A person lost within me, Call her name she might respond.

A person lost within me ,call her name she might respond,
Tell her she has a home, she might look beyond,

Tell her bad days always pass,
Tell her bad dreams don’t last,
Tell her its not always the night,
And at the end the sun will rise,

Tell her the Aayah as she may please,
“Indeed with every difficulty there is ease” (Al Qur’an 94:6)
Tell her there is a cure for every pain,
And an apology for each disdain,

Tell her it’s all up to you,
Just to test what you do,

‘You might stay firm and let the storm move past,
or You may loose yourself and depart with the storm at last.’

The painting used in this post was just a random painting that caught my attention in my college library and later on I found it to be one hell of a perfect interpretation with reference to my context.
It is by an artist named Haroon ben Abid .I find this painting, the vibrant colors, the true artistic virtues, the expressions and the silent message it gives .. all very deep and impressive.
You can check out his other paintings and sketches at his Facebook page linked below.

Curves ‘n Lines


The Threshold to Dream …

A week ago few of my friends planned a hangout together and on our way back the sun was slowly moving down towards its set. I can’t keep my eyes off the sky every time it happens. I can sit and stare at the sky, the sun for hours and hours until it’s all dark. A friend of mine noticed my eyes and said;

“Sunsets always seem very depressing to me, I dunno why but they drag away every pinch of energy that I am left with. When I was a kid and I was told to draw something in  my drawing classes I always use to draw sunrise, many of my classmates preferred drawing sunsets but they were depressing”

Apart from the fact that there is always a difference in opinions, I still exclaimed: “Sunsets …. And depressing???? …. I can never think like that”. I was among those students who would sacrifice my lunch breaks just to make a sunset on a piece of paper, who would spend hours and hours just rubbing the yellow and orange color on paper to make a color sequence like the ones during sunset.

I live near a beach so I frequently get a chance to see the sunsets and sunrise (Okay! Lets just say once in a week for sunset because I am mostly sleeping at that time … And then lets just say once in a month for sunrise as I am sleeping at that time as well 😛 ). I am not at all an outgoing person so despite my immense love for sunsets I still don’t prefer visiting the beach to enjoy the entire view, I rather prefer being fascinated by watching it through a window or the terrace.

Finally one day my mom forced me to go for a walk with her along the beach side. Although I hate going for a walk or exercising still the reason why I went was only the SUNSET. I mean i am just 39kgs at an age of 21.. So I don’t actually quality for the exercise thing OR do I?? ..I don’t think so …. I decided to go but only if my mom walks alone and allow me to roam around the beach all by myself.

As I thought and as expected .. I stood near the shore watching the sun till it seemed to touch the earth with all its glory and all its might. Initially it seemed somewhat like this

The Nature painted it Right.


They say introverts are nature loving but is there anybody on earth who doesn’t Love nature?? … I don’t think so.

I didn’t had much time except just an hour to enjoy what i thrived for. And yes the most fascinating part of sunset just lasts for hardly 15-20 minutes. A few things in life are not meant to stay for long, and this uniqueness enhances their preciousness. You know they’ll be gone but you are still willing to stay, you still long, you still have a deep desire for them, you still can’t stay away and you just can’t pretend to walk away.

The sky grew darker and darker with time spreading the beautiful shades of oranges and yellows as it descended downwards. It seemed more like a painting but it wasn’t. The smoky white shades of clouds on the sky seemed more like paint strokes and I so wished that some day I will be able to make a Perfect Fascinating Sunset like this. But no matter how much a human struggles he/she can never ever create what nature has already created. Humans can only mimic. Humans can only discover … It’s the nature , It’s the Lord which invents .. Humans only discover what’s already been created.

Beauty as I see.
Beauty as I see.

I see a whole new world … a rush of thoughts … an urge to learn, to discover while observing sunsets. It’s not just a game of colors and the sun moving up and down, It has it’s own roots it’s own hidden meaning.

I have a hundred thoughts.
I have a hundred thoughts.

Now it’s up to the other person to interpret it the way they want, the way they think.

I have a hundred things going on in my mind while watching sunsets. They remind me of hope .. a hope to find the way to leap, to leap,to creep, to crawl round a doubtful way.

It gives me a sense of commitment. A silence commitment that says “Although I am leaving but I’ll be back right away”, It fulfills its words every morn and there is not even a single day when it betrays.

A few things are not merely seen they are FELT. The thing that appeals and attracts you the most to beauty is the fact that it penetrates your soul.

There is nothing more musical than a sunset. He who feels what he sees will find no more beautiful example of development in all that book which, Alas, musicians read but too little – The Book of Nature.

– Claude Debussy.

The sunsets give me a sheer determination … The courage of resilience, the ability to stand and follow whatever is meant for you.

It gives a last indication to find your way before darkness prevails and blocks your vision.

They remind you that no matter how lost you feel today .. There’s always a tomorrow, for hoping has no end.

They give you a chance to commit, for nights are meant for promises. (Mmm … I can probably write a poem on this line … But somewhat later)

There’s a reason sunsets are timeless and constant standbys of poets, writers and romantics — they’re inspiring. Mahatma Gandhi observed this power when he said, “When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.”

They make you feel that the time has slowed down. It’s not that the clock stops, its just that your perception of time slows down.

They give us a Threshold to Dream , a Threshold to hide .. For darkness is where we all hide.

They force all life forms to go back to where they belong, For it’s never too late to go home.

It's never too late to go Home.
It’s never too late to go Home.

 Weekly Writing Challenge: Threshold


He who feels what he sees will find no more beautiful example of development in all that book which, alas, musicians read but too little – the book of Nature.
Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/c/claudedebu204275.html#tOrwGg6ddak39QCr.99

Amazing Trees from all over the World

A collection of Amazing Trees throughout the whole world.

00 0130013I just can’t keep wondering how can this be??tree1This can be probably the result of a storm or anything I guess. 3 Everybody can relate to this one 😛5This has probably been cut manually to give it this shape. 6This can be nothing except the wonders of nature.000012I wonder how can a tree grow with a bicycle entrapped within it’s trunk??8 It’s not a tree actually it is an adorable wooden sculpture.2

OmG … Noodles Grow On My Head

I am the only Odd kid in my family which was born with curly hair where all of my siblings have straight ones. Most women in my family have sort of wavy hairs but I am the only pure curly one. My relatives keep on telling me that I have hair exactly like my maternal grandfather but as he died even before I was born so I haven’t seen him (and his hairs mainly). Being a curly kid I always seemed odd to my relatives and the elders kept teasing me by calling different names and comparing my hair with noodles,earthworms and both my paternal and maternal grandmothers use to say that my hairs are like many KNOTS tied to my head as it was very difficult for them to comb them up. This is how I looked when I was almost 5.popeye  Now I know they all loved me and they were just joking around but at that time it was not the case. Most of the times I would rush towards the washroom to see my hair in the mirror and would cry and cry and cry. My mother and my grandmother would comb my hair for like five times a day and I would always think WHY ONLY ME??

Whenever my hair were wet my mother would always say: “Mariyaah see your hair look like straight now” and I would always rush towards the mirror to see how I look now. Eventually after that they would dry and I would start thinking about the same old poor me thing. “I hate my hair”,that’s what I always said.

When I grew up and had my younger siblings my mother was more busy with them and she would always tell me to comb myself. Over these years I stopped looking after my hair,not combing them properly and no oiling at all just because I hated them.9proscons

When I was in 8th grade I started thinking to have a do-over and practically do something to straighten them up. When I asked my mom to bring me a hair straighter she thought I am just being zealous for the time being (as I was and still am not that sort of a person who cares or does much for her looks). Angry, disappointed; I told my sister to straighten my hair up using an iron (Yes it’s the one we use to press clothes) as I lay down with my hair all stretched on the ground. I know that seems insane but that’s how I had become with time. After some time my hair were straight and I ran towards my mother.

“Lalalala… See you didn’t let me do that .. But I did it by myself and now see how amazing my hair seems” 😀

She and my father was hell surprised when my younger sister told them how I actually did that.(Younger sisters always have a big mouth …. Errr… I hate it) They were both scared as well that I may burn myself If I did anything like this again. The next week my father brought me a hair straightener and yeahhh here I go. At that day I decided that from now on I am not gonna spend a single moment with these curls I will straighten them every day till everybody is gonna forget that I actually had curly hair. I am a total alien when things come to cosmetics,hair accessories,makeup and everything but soon after I realized that over the attempts to straighten my hair up again and again, they have turned to be pretty much rough and dry. I started taking care of them, combing them and oiling them properly so that I could straighten them again.

One day my routine suddenly changed when my father’s friend came over and his wife came to me and said,”Kiddo you have beautiful hair”. I looked back at her with utmost amusement. I was not happy as I did not believe her. When she left my sister said sarcastically

“Buahah Beautiful hair??? Actually she has not seen how your hair really are”.

I didn’t say a word after that but I thought to myself.

People say like this just because I said that first. If I learn to be happy with what I have, people will learn it too.

After that I stopped straightening my hair and started taking care of them. Many people used to tell me every now and then that my hair looked great and that is one of those compliments that I love the most.I laugh at my decision of straightening them every time until everybody forgets that I had curls. My hair are much grown and they are pretty long now and I like it. The straightener is always kept in the drawer of the dressing table right in front of me but I don’t touch it. Like the past I never stare at the straightener with my eyes still, hoping and wishing that some day my hair will be straight so I won’t have to use this thing. Curly hair has many many pros.16proscons2proscons








Eventually I have learned to thank God for whatever he has given me and whatever I am blessed with. Now I tell everybody that Noodles grow on my head and I am so proud of it.

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