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I Fear the time when You will not be You…

Being humans we always have the fear of rejection when things don’t favour us and when conditions and loved ones turn out to be how we want them to, we are overwhelmed with the fear of loosing someone.

The things and decisions in life that mean alot to us are always accompanied by utmost uncertainty. I had all those things in mind when I wrote this piece of poetry.SavedPicture-201413115758.jpg

I don’t wanna be addicted to you,
To go through the same that I’ve been through,

I don’t wanna hear the way you speak,
Deep down my heart as your words sneak,
I don’t wanna be the one to go through,
Your echoes in my soul, when you are not you.

I don’t wanna see the way you look,
Your heeds, needs and the steps you took,
As I don’t wanna be the one to know,
How your eyes change, when you are not you.

I don’t wanna see your soft heart inside,
How it flatters, forcing me to confide,
I don’t wanna sense the affection in you,
As i don’t wanna long, when you are not you.

I admit the fact that people change,
With the wrath of time and growing age,
But I don’t wanna be addicted to you,
For I fear the time when  “YOU WILL NOT BE YOU.”


Summarizing Life

No other words can be used to summarize Life
” a few words unspoken ,
a few wishes ungranted ,
a few feelings never expressed ,
a little love , soothing affection ,
a little truth never spoken ,
a little request ; never made ,
a little mistake ; never admitted ,
little qualities , little deeds ; never appreciated ,
little words ; unheard ,
little lies ; torn into pieces ,
the little signs ; never noticed ,
little letters ; never written ,
the mails unread ,
the calls unanswered ,
the little deeds of love ; always taken for granted ,
the little issues ; unsorted ,
the relations ; never admired ,
the little whispers always ignored ,
the closed ones ; always forsaken ,
the emphasizing moment ; always passes by ,
the golden sayings , the kind words , the beautiful phrases , the humble teachings ; all forgotten ,
the little tears ; never truly seen ,
the true faces never seemed familiar ,
the little scars ; never removed ,
the hatred inside; never discarded ,
the blues ; never taken off ,
the little shadows ; never stopped following ,
My people , my world , my friends , my relations … never appreciated and never thanked for them “

As I stood by your grave

Just wrote a few words for 27th December; the death anniversary of my beloved Grandmother.

As i stood by your grave,
I couldn’t feel the world nearby,
Your hands, your memoir, saved in my heart,
I scrap them again, and still I cry,
Your hands were weak, wrinkled all around,
And the wounds of your arms, tendered with age,
Yet your feeble arms,
The most cordial, the most sheltering,
I devise them again, and still I cry.
Your voice, your words, your clamors as you cried,
As you brought up three orphans by your side,
As you cried while your son died,
Held his daughters in your hands, and prayed an cried,
Your advices …all forbear-ed, all denied,
I hear them again, and still I cry.
Your mere existence, a sanctuary for all of us,
Your subtle touch,
Your feeble words,
Your gentle smile,
And me, bereaved of it all,
I admit it again, and still I cry.
Today.. Yet another day,
Deprived of your love,
Yet I cry again.