Yes I talk to a TEDDY BEAR..

It was my 19th birthday when my best friend gifted me a teddy bear ... a big pink one holding a heart which says ME TO YOU . Sitting silently in my room as I glanced at it probably for the one hundredth time. It was cute and most of all it was very special.... Continue Reading →


A skill without Recognition

There was a farmer who had a horse and a goat. One day, the horse became ill. So he called the veterinarian, who said: "Well, your horse has a virus. He must take this medicine for three days. I'll come back on the 3rd day and if he's not better, we're going to have to... Continue Reading →

Ants Turn Funky

I know this is an old story posted on many sites back in 2012. But whenever I see this it makes me smile. I hope you'll smile too after reading this. Not long ago, Dr. Mohamed Babu, of Mysore, South India, noticed something strange about the ants after drinking some spilled milk on the floor... Continue Reading →

Broken stands a part of ME ..

What do I actually mean by "a part of me?" .. How was that broken???... Who broke it??... Why did he/she do that?? ... Well a few questions are always left unanswered. A few months or probably a year back when I started writing this poem I had no idea where would it turn and... Continue Reading →

Am I a hesitant Poet??

Initially about six to seven years ago when I started to write I never wanted anybody to read whatever I wrote. I had a sense of embarrassment whenever I tried to read something I wrote, May be because I was very static and rational on the outside yet inside I had a sea of emotions.... Continue Reading →

My Right to Freedomss …

Freedom for me is just like having wings --- flying directly to the sky ... no boundaries, no guidelines, no limitations, no ethics and no manners. Yes I mean it seriously, sometimes I feel that we are a bit too bound by the ethical codes, the formalities, the rules and regulation stuff blah blah. That... Continue Reading →

The Threshold to Dream …

A week ago few of my friends planned a hangout together and on our way back the sun was slowly moving down towards its set. I can't keep my eyes off the sky every time it happens. I can sit and stare at the sky, the sun for hours and hours until it's all dark.... Continue Reading →

Amazing Trees from all over the World

A collection of Amazing Trees throughout the whole world. I just can't keep wondering how can this be??This can be probably the result of a storm or anything I guess. Everybody can relate to this one :PThis has probably been cut manually to give it this shape. This can be nothing except the wonders of... Continue Reading →

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