A sophisticated medical student; tired of my studies and trying every possible way to escape from every single book that I’ve got.

I am a type of person who sits back at the corner seeing everybody and I know exactly what is going on with everyone. Very keen observer you can say; who knows everything but would never tell what I know and what I really feel. Very reluctant and reserved you can say. So yes blogging is just a way to explore myself.

I am not a demanding person at all but I am crazy in my own way. When all the girls think about their guys, their dream boys, I am busy in making a perfect scenario in mind of a happily married life of my best friend. When every girl gets her hands on her favorite jewellery, I am busy in offering the same to my younger siblings. When everybody at home buys costly fancy heels for an upcoming event, I, and my mom buy only the casual ones so that my dad doesn’t have to pay much. When everybody else designs their next wardrobe, I am just busy texting because I don’t care how I look at times.
But is that enough to define me as crazy??? Who says I am crazy???
I mean the only difference is that they have their own interests and I have my own.


It’s just that I consider myself a “Rebel”.
When everybody listens to the lectures in class, I am busy sleeping (Thanks God! I don’t snore). When everybody studies for exams, I am busy sketching. When everybody is ready for the school, gets in the car, I am still busy doing my hair. When everybody gets their hands on the breakfast, I am still busy yawning in the bathroom.

O man! That’s mere madness.

Or most likely I would call myself as

“A social antagonist, an Official Rebel and a free flying Insomniac Person”

But still does that define me as crazy??? Who says I am crazy???

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  1. I think I love you … lol 😀

    I’m also an introvert with a keen sense of observation. I’m a technical writer and an artist and I’m close to become semi-retired – hooray!

    However, when it comes to dressing up or dressing down for that matter, I think exquisite taste and I’m a thrift shopper. My second hand clothes get lots of compliment and I’m vain enough to enjoy hearing them. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thank you so much my new friend that’s very kind of you 🙂
      I have been reading your comment over and over again and all I could do is just smile and start reading from the beginning again 😉
      You know being an introvert is not too good in my case because with this habit of mine I tend to be more judgemental, I know I have no right to judge anybody and I am seriously working real hard to get rid of this thing.
      Anyways thank you again for your precious time.


  2. Hey pretty you 🙂
    It’s really nice to meet you. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, it gave me a chance to find your awesome blog. Hope to see you more often Mariyaah 🙂
    Love, Zee ❤


    1. It’s really nice meeting you as well Zee. I owe you a bundle of ThankYousss. I am glad to hear that you found my reluctant blogging efforts awesome. We’ll surely meet again and again 🙂


    1. Thank you I am glad you passed by. 🙂
      Honestly speaking actually now these habits don’t seem humorous to me because they tend to be annoying for others at times.
      I like the versatility of your blog … Specially when you blog about food 😉


    1. Thank you Akhiz. 🙂
      It was really nice of you. Thanks again for visiting, appreciating, following and taking sometime to read my content.
      It realt matters a lot to me.


  3. I’m the same way, always observing, hardly ever chiming in. I love that you know that you’re different and you embrace it. People who are all the same, and relate to the majority are boring in my opinion!

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  4. Very well put. Can completely relate. I find in my case being judgemental of others is what made me more introverted as I was scared that others too might be as judgemental about me as I was of them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Identification of a flaw is the first step towards improving it. And here my friend, you have just made your first move.
      I had been quite judgmental once but then I started reading. I love reading about life experiences and emotions of people and thus I write about the same. It significantly helps you with your intent to judge less and consider more.
      Thank you Pradnya for taking out your time and writing to me. It matters a lot to me.
      Happy blogging from my side.


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