A sophisticated medical student,tired of my studies and trying every possible way to escape from every single book that I’ve got.

I am a type of person who sits back at the corner seeing everybody and i know exactly what is going on with everyone.Very keen observer you can say,Who knows everything but would never tell what i know and what i really feel.Very reluctant and reserved you can say.So yes blogging is just a way to explore myself.

I am not a demanding person at all but I am crazy in my own way. When all the girls think about their guys,their dream boys, I am busy in making a perfect scenario in mind of a happily married life of ny best friend. When every girl gets her hands on her favourite jewellery, I am busy in offering the same to my younger siblings. When everybody at home buys costly fancy heels for an upcoming event, I am mom buy only the casual ones so that my dad doesn’t have to pay much. When everybody else designs their next wardrobe, I am just busy texting because I don’t care how I look.
But is that enough to define me as crazy??? Who says I am crazy???
I mean the only difference is that they have their own interests and I have my own.


It’s just that I consider myself a “Rebel”.
When everybody listens to the lectures in class, I am busy sleeping (Thanks God! I don’t snore). When everybody studies for exams, I am busy sketching. When everybody is ready for the school, gets in the car, I am still busy doing my hair. When everybody gets their hands on the breakfast, I am still busy yawning in the bathroom.

O man! That’s mere madness.

Or most likely I would call myself as
” A social antagonist, an Official Rebel and a free flying Insomniac Person”

But still does that define me as crazy??? Who says I am crazy???

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16 thoughts on “About

  1. I think I love you … lol 😀

    I’m also an introvert with a keen sense of observation. I’m a technical writer and an artist and I’m close to become semi-retired – hooray!

    However, when it comes to dressing up or dressing down for that matter, I think exquisite taste and I’m a thrift shopper. My second hand clothes get lots of compliment and I’m vain enough to enjoy hearing them. 😉


    • Haha thank you so much my new friend that’s very kind of you 🙂
      I have been reading your comment over and over again and all I could do is just smile and start reading from the beginning again 😉
      You know being an introvert is not too good in my case because with this habit of mine I tend to be more judgemental, I know I have no right to judge anybody and I am seriously working real hard to get rid of this thing.
      Anyways thank you again for your precious time.


  2. Hey pretty you 🙂
    It’s really nice to meet you. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, it gave me a chance to find your awesome blog. Hope to see you more often Mariyaah 🙂
    Love, Zee ❤


    • Thank you I am glad you passed by. 🙂
      Honestly speaking actually now these habits don’t seem humorous to me because they tend to be annoying for others at times.
      I like the versatility of your blog … Specially when you blog about food 😉


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