And you disappoint me…

choti billi
From far away as I see.
bari billi
How you disappoint me.

















I’ve spent days longing to hear you,
But whenever you speak you deceive me,

I’ve slept with my pillows wet hoping to hear you,
But whenever you speak you disappoint me,

But until the next time, until the next day,
I still hope and I still long,

Deceptions apart, disappointments all aside,
As the worth of few(people) is so prized,
That the actions forsaken,
And words all stand aside.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue



  1. Hey Mariyaah ! How are you doing? It’s been a while..I myself had been away on hiatus since 3-6 months cuz of exams and studies…Hope you are well. See you soon, Wishing you luck,
    With Love,
    Zee ❤


    1. Hey Zee,
      Long time no see. 🙂
      I am all good and all busy with so many things. Apologies for such a late response.
      It was really nice hearing something from you too. I hope you are doing all good.
      Best wishes,

      Sent from my iPhone



    1. I was kind of busy so I couldn’t reply on time
      Accept my sincere apologies .. You cannot repost anything like that from any blog without their consent and without giving them the credits.
      Kindly put the copied content down.


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