Hmm .. Strange indeed

SavedPicture-20131222175532.jpgWe all live in a strange Era,a strange world:
• Where your worth us determined by the words you utter,not by the heart you possess.
But what if I don’t utter what’s in my heart?spar
• While people are judged by the clothes they wear, not by the thorny path they walk on.
But what if I get my clothes dirty in a dusty thorny way?

• Where your sole asset is your bank account,not your morals,not your values.
Alas! I don’t have a penny.

• Where decisions are made not by needs,Instead they decide what people say.
But what if I govern my own decisions?

• Where the mob gets bigger and bigger each day and everybody claims not to be a part of it.
Ah! If its not me then who makes the mob?

beautiful night road - Beautiful Road Wallpaper

• Where who lifts up herself is called a ‘bitch’ and there are hundreds to knock her down.
Oh! So just consider me that bitch.

• Where people always announce what’s bad in you just because they can’t handle what’s right in you.
What if I forgot to be nicer after that?

• Where people permanently destroy others’ lives just because they are temporarily upset.
What if I refuse to be a victim?

• Where the silent and the patient ones considered feeble,just because their voices suppressed by your roars.
What if I am patient but I can hoar and roar???



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