Summarizing Life

No other words can be used to summarize Life
” a few words unspoken ,
a few wishes ungranted ,
a few feelings never expressed ,
a little love , soothing affection ,
a little truth never spoken ,
a little request ; never made ,
a little mistake ; never admitted ,
little qualities , little deeds ; never appreciated ,
little words ; unheard ,
little lies ; torn into pieces ,
the little signs ; never noticed ,
little letters ; never written ,
the mails unread ,
the calls unanswered ,
the little deeds of love ; always taken for granted ,
the little issues ; unsorted ,
the relations ; never admired ,
the little whispers always ignored ,
the closed ones ; always forsaken ,
the emphasizing moment ; always passes by ,
the golden sayings , the kind words , the beautiful phrases , the humble teachings ; all forgotten ,
the little tears ; never truly seen ,
the true faces never seemed familiar ,
the little scars ; never removed ,
the hatred inside; never discarded ,
the blues ; never taken off ,
the little shadows ; never stopped following ,
My people , my world , my friends , my relations … never appreciated and never thanked for them “


  1. This is a lovely poem, thought provoking. A good friend of mine once said ‘gratitude is an attitude.’ At the time I laughed but she secretly knew there was wisdom there as there is in your little things tale. Thank you for sharing this. Y 🙂


  2. Yeah very well said. Gratitude is actually an attitude which unfortunately very few of us have.
    This poem was written long ago so now I had to read it all again to know what you liked and what exactly I wrote. 🙂
    Anyways thank you so much Yasmin for your appreciation, following and visiting. I really appreciate your generosity.


  3. Hi i really love this picture you put on here and would like to know if i can use it for my awareness cause foundation business?


  4. Hi thanks for sharing this nice poem and picture. I’d like to know if I can use the picture in a life and death education program?


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