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Broken stands a part of ME ..

What do I actually mean by “a part of me?” .. How was that broken???… Who broke it??… Why did he/she do that?? ... Well a few questions are always left unanswered.

A few months or probably a year back when I started writing this poem I had no idea where would it turn and where would it make me stand. A few disasters of your life are buried inside you and even you don’t have any idea how deep they have penetrated your soul. They worst thing about writing up your mind is that it even makes you write about the things, the past chapters of your life that you don’t even wanna think of.

Although in my writings I seem like an emotional person but in life I am not or may be it’s just that I express my emotions only through writing. This poem was written for my Best friend on our 6th friendship anniversary… Okay I know nobody celebrates friendship anniversaries but Yessss! We do. Tears rolled down my eyes while writing it all and I never thought I could be that sensitive.

Anyways I never planned to write a whole story but eventually it turned out to be one. Nevertheless I am still happy with the way it has turned out to be.


Busy in my whimsical day,Found a few pieces on my way,
Broken ,segmented & torn,A symbol of resilience in the morn,
I picked them up with a sigh,Hid my face, so they won’t see me cry,
Held every fragment in my hand,& ran back home as I couldn’t stand.


Ambivalent… Wondering how to fill the gap,
I arranged them all in my lap,
Fixed every bit with everything i had,
Mended with all the love,a delirious person can have,
Glued all the scratches,removing defection,
It smiled back at me,waving with affection,


Then time traveled,eclipse passed and the glaciers melted,

Glues dried,pieces joined and the wounds wilted,
That night,I imagined how beautiful it had been in the past,
And slept….


When i roused up it wasn’t where it was kept,
I recalled how i struggled for it to be corrected,
Then i saw something familiar,
As it had been resurrected,


It turned out to be a beauteous frame,
With it’s heart bulging and writing my name,


It was more enchanting than my imagination last night,
I took a steady step and got amused with delight,

I see myself.
I see myself.

I saw myself in a charming frame,
It was a mirror,written with my name,
YES!!..it was you my little ME,
More than just precious than anything could ever be..

My name.
My name.

Weekly writing challenge: Poetry


She fainted in “The Boulevard of Broken Dreams”

Daily Post: Always Something to Remind Me

The more I think about today’s question the more an image, past glimpses surround me, it’s like a screenplay revolving time to time within my head. There are a number of songs which remind me of the good times and precious moments in my life, But I can never forget this specific song and the memory track associated with it.

It was back in my school days and was in 12th grade. My Best Friend was the head of the Proctorial Team in our school and due to that she had many responsibilities. She had to look after every issue, every problem and every task imparted upon her by the head authorities. She is naturally very caring so eventually it seemed that she is more of a caretaker to the whole of the school. Initially I never seemed to care, we used to spend quality time together and that’s the only thing that was important to me. But after a certain time things began to change she became more devoted to her work and both of us started compromising on the time we used to spend together. Hours became minutes and minutes were not even there. The time we used to share, now she shared it all with her chores and I shared them with my thoughts. Eventually my thoughts transformed into aggression whenever I saw her working without even giving a damn to where I was.
angry-babyIt is not easy for me to replace people I love. I don’t get attached to people easily but when I do, there is no going back then. So I couldn’t hangout with anyone else although I had a huge group of friends. Even if somebody insisted me to come with them I always had my eyes and mind reaching and searching for her. Okay I know that at this point I seem more of a lover but yeah! I am like that for the people I love. I was possessive, overprotective (which I still am) and hell angry.
My anger emerged out one day when I was waiting for her after off-time, outside the school sitting in my car as I watched the tick tick of my wrist watch. Half an hour passed but she didn’t show up (P.S. we used the same transport). My anger and anxiety level grew as I show the gate again and again. Finally she showed up and at her first glance upon me, she knew that the day could not have been any worse than that. It’s not that I yelled, I screamed, I broke her head or I pulled her hair. It’s just that I said NOTHING. When I am outraged I don’t utter a single word. She says that is the worst punishment for her.
As we drove towards our homes I knew that she would try to convince me throughout the way, so I picked up my music player and played a noisy upbeat song that would prevent me from hearing her voice. I played Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Greenday, I felt the loneliness inside as the lyrics say:

I walk this empty street
On the boulevard of broken dreams
Where the city sleeps
And I’m the only one and I walk alone
I walk alone
I walk alone
I walk alone
I walk a…

My shadow’s the only one that walks beside me
My shallow heart’s the only thing that’s beating
Sometimes I wish someone out there would find me
Till then I walk alone
Ah-Ah Ah-Ah Ah-Ah Ahhh
Ah Ah-Ah Ah-Ah Ah-Ah

I felt myself screaming and singing the song from inside my heart as I passed by the empty roads. I knew my friend was constantly calling me Butttttttttt I was angry. She came closer and rested her head on my lap, I tried pushing her off but she is bulky and I am a tiny skinny soul 😛 .She has strange ways of convincing me whenever I am mad at her. It was all busy thinking when suddenly she stopped moving and she didn’t push me or called my name after that. For a moment I was blank. Then I checked her and realized:surprise

Holy Shit! She has fainted.My friend suffers from asthma by birth and she has certain panic attacks at times. Whenever it happens her condition surprisingly becomes better whenever I am around and our parents are quite aware of this thing.

I told the driver to rush towards the hospital as I tried to console her and cursed myself again and again. I informed her parents and they reached the hospital before we could. Her condition became stable and I went back home.

That night was the longest night ever as I sat behind and thought about the happenings of the previous day. I deleted The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams so that I can never hear it again, and never be reminded of that night.

The past has turned out to be sooo long although, after completing my assignment today I didn’t feel like typing but still. I guess that’s what I can call Blogging addiction.

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Awesome Threesome

There are a few words that give you a short memory, a reminder, a glimpse of a specific person. That can be a line from a movie, a poem or any song. This particular poem gives me a glimpse of my Best Friend. I love the deepness in it’s words and thoughtfulness and the feeling of deep love that it is filled with. All of those things that it doesn’t say fully but conveys in an indirect hidden manner.

I know a girl,
When she smiles
The rain comes pouring down

A longer day,
I may stay my ground
Be drenched from head to toe

A younger age,
I may have a dream
That tells me not to go

A smaller town,
I may close my eyes
And see her once again

I know a girl,
When she smiles
The rain comes pouring down

Whenever I read this I am entrapped by the feeling that whoever wrote it, He or she had my Friend in mind. Her laughter echoes in my ears and a part of me realizes how blessed I am to have her by my side and how insignificant words may become when you are overwhelmed with immense love and affection.

In the following collection of pictures the first one on the left shows a weird face that she makes. She has a strange habit of making cartoonish strange duck like funny faces whenever she is hyper but whenever she does that I make sure to have it clicked at the right moment. The one on the right shows one of her childhood memories. She has never been in good terms with her studies and books (like me) so she seems gloomy while holding a pencil to complete her homework, this is one of the few childhood pictures of her that I really love. And lastly the bottom one on the left is her smile, one in a million, few of the fewer things in my life that I really adore.Fotor022311040Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

Another picture of both of us holding eachother’s hands with our hearts held in. It was actually a bracelet with a heart that she gifted me a year back, Right now it is kept right in my side table and looks as beautiful as it has always been. 🙂OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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