Where the Light Enters You.

There was a campaign recently, focusing on communicating with acid attack survivors via writings and visual illustrations. As enthusiastic that I was before, it soon transformed into performance anxiety and at the end I couldn’t write anything. Writing to such victims seemed like a considerable challenge for me keeping in mind the fact that we are not fully aware of anyone’s misery and sufferings. Moreover, the fear of saying something that might hurt them stopped me from doing so. I also experienced scarcity of words to express what I felt thus, I concluded that I am not mature enough for this topic.

Anyhow, the second option was still left i.e., visual illustrations. And I knew that I was good at art related stuff (or at least I like thinking this way). So I opted for it and decided to deliver my message in a subtle way. Then, off course the mentor Mewlana Rumi came to the rescue. I am absolutely obsessed with his personality and the insight he has to offer with everything he says. Firstly I made another one shared in this link. Secondly this one

Time for preparations.
Where the Light enters you.
Rumi ❤


  1. Not knowing the depth of one’s pain and misery. SO very true. And Yes, what does an outsider say to an acid attack victim/survivor? I’d say no one is mature enough for that, unless it’s one survivor to another.
    And your art is amazing, with this being my favourite line by Rumi. You should post more art please, please 😀


    1. Thank you for appreciating and writing to me.
      It means a lot. I will make sure to visit your blog so please drop your link 🙂
      Till then happy blogging to you


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