Tuberculosis and Me- the unlikely surprise

Yeah you read it right.
It took a while for me to actually write this down for the very first time here on the blog. It is easier to read about such diseases and encounter such patients on daily basis. But the easiness reverses considerably when the same thing faces you. Never in my life had I ever thought to be sitting here and writing about how I met Tuberculosis or how the Mycobacterium actually met me.

It takes some time for you initially to accept things how they are externally. Followed by the whole-hearted acceptance of a disease to the pain, shock and suffering during it. And finally, it takes enough courage to write it down and associate the name of any such disease with you.
“I have Tuberculosis (TB)”


This sentence has always been difficult as I ignore the slight stutter in my hands while typing this. It’s not easy to say that for yourself. And yeah if you don’t believe it try doing that for yourself. Place your name here and see for yourself
“________(your name) has Tuberculosis”

Something silently moves within you right?
That’s how it is.

I never even thought that I could ever be the one facing it. I held the concept that Tuberculosis is restricted to such countries where food scarcity prevails. Where medical facilities are minimum and self care is a forgotten concept.
More than a year of constant cough, frequent breathlessness and what not, but I never even thought about it. Once my father suggested that I might have TB and I jumped in an unpleasant amusement,
“Are you kidding me?”
“Tuberculosis doesn’t come up out of no where like that”

Hah guess what? It actually does. So it did in the form of extremely Extensive Tuberculosis.
Every day had been a struggle and honestly, the thirst to live and move forward was diminished completely. Where my medical books told me that it’s just 3-6 months treatment and you are good to go then. On the other hand, reality marked otherwise and soon after I was reduced to bones only. Months and months of challenging treatment where every day and every night was a struggle with no or negligible improvement. There were days when even breathing felt like a burden on me.

Mycobacterium plays with you yeah, you read it right. It gropes you physically, mentally, emotionally and in worse cases financially as well. I will be writing a series on my Tuberculosis journey in the coming days you can have a peak then. I believe I am stable enough to write a detailed account now but lets just hope I can.

After all, life is all about pleasant and unpleasant surprises. That’s the goodness in it. And

I believe its the unlikeliness of a circumstance that actually makes it a surprise.

Journeys we know nothing about.


  1. Oh Mariyaah! I’m so sorry to hear that! I lost a childhood friend to the disease, she was the last one it took, after it almost wiped out her own family. But she fought it. But this was at a time when the disease was still new and medicines weren’t as effective, I guess… I commend your strength, for being able to put this out there and talk about it. I take it you’re all well now?

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    1. Its always very heart warming to get any sort of feedback from you.
      I am sorry for your friend and now that I’ve endured this myself, I can feel her pain so deeply. May her soul rest in peace.
      I am on my journey towards physical and emotional recovery hence, its a request to keep me in your prayers.

      Much Love.

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      1. I am glad to hear that you are well on your way to recovery, Mariyaah. Though it is pain that is endured through this trial, your strength is sharpened and faith strengthened. I will surely say a prayer for you!
        May God bless you and your family as you get through this together ❤


    1. I can only wish I was that strong 🙂
      You are very right and I pray that no one ever encounters this disease again.
      Thank you Brianna for writing to me. It seriously means a lot.
      And by the way I just love the overall layout of your blog. Such vibrant and exotic at the same time. Following you already.

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  2. I can understand what you mean. My father is suffering from the same. His case was a bit critical. Initially the basic tests didn’t diagnose the disease and when the major tests were done and medicines started, not only the disease spread throughout his body but also, medicines didn’t show effects on him in the first few months. It was really a hard time. He’s recovering now. It’s really hard to talk about that time. I hope that you are doing well too. Sending my best wishes to you ❤

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    1. I wish for healing for everyone Saumya. Your father will be absolutely fine one day.
      I had the same delayed diagnosis as you have mentioned about your father. The initial tests and screening processes could not help me much. Take care of your father’s emotional needs. Tuberculosis plays with you psychologically and I remember getting irritated over petty issues with everyone.
      You are right its hard to talk about that time but we have to. We have to for the sake of others. Eventually I forced everyone in my family to get the Tuberculosis screening done. Is your family done with the screening?

      Thankyou for writing to me.

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      1. I got the screening done because I was having a lot of cold and cough. But it turned out to be minor dust allergy. My father wanted others also to get it done, but they have been quite reluctant.


  3. Your honesty is refreshing and I think it also takes a lot of courage to share your struggle with this disease! I’m sure there are many people who can relate to your story!

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    1. Yeah it had been initially and then it is also true that acceptance comes over time.
      I would admit that acceptance did not take much time (as expected). But on the other hand, perseverance and the hope to live wasn’t that easy for me.
      Anyway, thank you for paying me a visit.
      I visited your blog and your topic seemed unique among all. I am not a history fanatic but yeah I must admit your blog has the ability to attract viewers.

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      1. Yeah that’s true. But on the other hand, that niche specific content can enable you to get genuine followers an in turn genuine engagement.
        Additionally, on another brighter note, you’ve got a follower here 🙂


  4. You have mention above that acceptance of such disease requires courage.. Totally agree with this as if accepting or saying such sentence for your loved ones requires courage then how much difficult it would be for a person who is suffering … Even thinking about such horrible time makes you depress. I can not forget even the single thing, my emotions, our conversation when you were in the hospital. I always think at that time what if all the situation to turn out to be a dream only. If that was my thought then how much difficult that time was for you. I even can not imagine that pain, that depression, your emotions but what can I is to pray that Allah rewards you with the BEST in your life…!!

    Love you a lot..!!!

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