Breaking the Silence..

A big Hello to everyone who is reading this and for those who will read this long after this time.
Yeah breaking the long awaited silence .. It has been more than three months since I’ve written something specifically for my blog.
Somewhere in between this long period I have written some material but that is just confined to my notebook and since I was too lazy and saturated to type it and write details about it so that still remains unshared.


Days have been pretty much sound and safe since this month and I am actually learning to be more considerate to myself. I am not much purpose oriented so yeah just learning and observing what I need and what suits me..
Sleeping on time ..
Eating on time..
Not skipping meals..
Having a proper breakfast..
Trying a little much to pray on time..
Not letting negative things to sneak over my mind..
And giving sound time to myself ..
This is how I define “Being Considerate to myself’. Small insignificant things but yeah these things help me a lot.

I am not good with dealing myself as well as others. So I am learning to do that these days.
Intentionally or unintentionally I’ve stepped back from complains, arguments and every other person who is fond of complaining.
Life seems pretty much peaceful without complains and arguments.

So yup .. Coming to the point ..
In between all of these things writing and writing stays somewhere at the corner of the puzzled world. I’ve been painting recently but no writing at all. Sometimes I get a feeling that I am at a total loss of words in terms of speaking and writing as well.
No stanzas..
No rhymings..
No matches..
No poems..
And even if I decide to write then it takes hours to just figure out from where should I start.
There are times like these when you look at your previous pieces and then ask yourself … Was it really me?

For me it’s like the same time these days. I am just trying and convincing myself not to let my moods take over myself. Life and dealing things can be pretty difficult for a moody person. But yup I know I’ll get it all fixed soon. 🙂

So yeah when I opened my notebook .. My previous bits and pieces .. I decided to transform right,my amusement over my previous writings into another new writing and thats how it goes.

Pieces of Myself...
Pieces of Myself…

When minds are blank and words don’t speak,
And I think for days deciding to write,

Then I sit for hours so what to write?
Doubts in heart and the mind – not so bright,

The thoughts all jumbled, tangles today,
And the pen shook it’s head in dismay,
APOLOGIES LADY!! The words are not so generous today,

Amused .. As I lingered between the past pages,
The former writings.. a few of my pieces,

Damn! Is this all a part of me?
The part that I feel scared to see,

Are these delusions that stand so tall?

Break the Silence..