Yes I talk to a TEDDY BEAR..

It was my 19th birthday when my best friend gifted me a teddy bear … a big pink one holding a heart which says ME TO YOU .IMG_4928.JPG

Sitting silently in my room as I glanced at it probably for the one hundredth time. It was cute and most of all it was very special. Through all my childhood I don’t remember loving teddy bears and toys but this one … it’s not just a Toy.

Waking up in the morning as I read those words again with a sudden feeling of joy leaning through my heart .. I LOVE YOU… ME TO YOU.
I chuckled slowly holding it and placed it right in front of me and slept again. Soon sleeping with that Teddy Bear became a habit.

All left to dry :)
All left to dry 🙂

Whoever said this said this right:

“It’s not the places and things that are special but it’s the people who make them special.”

This was when I washed my teddy bear and hanged it out to dry. 😉

A gloomy day when I had so many things to cry for and so many things to share, so many complains and so many memories to tear. Disappointed with my self and with all the ones dear. So many regrets and the anger which makes it worst.
I know he is just a Toy, I know he is not even a he .. it’s just a bundle of cotton. But there are times when you just need someone to confide. He can’t listen he can’t respond but I kept whispering things to him with a strong feeling that he understands somehow.

I am 21 and I still talk to a teddy bear .. I still sleep with a teddy bear because I LOVE HIM.

All jam packed. How do I look?

A few months ago for some reasons we had to shift our home apparently a few miles way from where we previously lived. The process of packing and unpacking things, the great hustle and bustle, the workers, the half shifted furniture, the empty house and everything .. overall it was a complete mess.
I packed my teddy bear specially in a sac so that he won’t get much dirty. Although he was like a bit dirty already but anyways.
After one day of shifting the process of unpacking and setting things officially begun. Starting with the kitchen, the bedrooms, the sitting area etc. In all this mess the minute things in the rooms, locks and drawers were still left so I took a three days off from my college in order to wrap up things at home.
Even after three days the main things were done but tons of tiny chores were still left. I did not set my cupboards and drawers but I was lazy and tired enough to do that. Moreover, in all these days of holidays piles of work was left and I was seriously lacking behind. For a week I kept running for my incomplete work, the journals. the assignments and stuff.
Finally after two weeks I decided to set up my cupboards and the side table stuff. Clothes on the right cupboard, shoes on the left one, hangers on the right again and books on the outer one. Files in the lower right and painting stuff in a separate box, sketchbooks on the racks and writing material all complied in one notebook.

 There was no sign of the teddy bear anywhere.
Not upstairs.
Not downstairs.
Not in any other room.
Not in any pack.

From that day till today I can’t find my teddy.
and yeah getting a new one was never an option.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten



  1. I really feel sorry for my frnd…. well Im 25 and am also really fond of teddies… I keep talkin to him.. share my joys n pain n love with him.. v too had to shift a few days bak n my mom made it a point tat keep away all my toy frnds was quite depress but my love fr my teddies dint get away… my close frnd on my 25th bday presented me a toy frnd again.. with a quote frnds forever…
    I dunno y but I felt lik sharing it wit u..

    Liked by 1 person

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