An Honest Self … A simple Life

When I think about myself… Me as a person. I am not overwhelmed by the feeling that I am someone who’s extraordinary, someone who is on top of everyone and everything.
I think of myself as an ordinary person. An ordinary person who is not a part of the crowd but still ordinary in her own special way.
The ordinary people that you see along your way out home, I am one among them.

I am short yeah I mean just 5 feet. I am lean yeah just approximately 40kg, whenever I stand on the weighing machine the stupid pointer is just stuck on 39..39.2…39.5..but not more than that. I stand there putting all my weight on my feet hoping that somehow the pointer will strike 40 but nooo it doesn’t. So let’s just say I am 39.5 kgs and being a girl I don’t mind disclosing my weight. I have black curly hair which kind of piss me off at times. I have big eyes and I rub them a lot, no matter how much I try not to do that again I always end up doing the same. If not at day time I do that unintentionally while sleeping. The doctors say it’s kinda dangerous but tch I can’t help. I have a nut head which hurts all the time, yup the frequent headaches. I have a nose that works only when I have flu, and yes never forgetting the two ears that only hear things when I am in the midst of my beauty sleep to offer maximal disturbance and waking me up at the end. I have 29.25 teeth.. Yeah I mean it seriously I just counted them now, not by looking in the mirror although I felt like doing that but still. The 28 normal teeth plus one half wisdom tooth at the upper left one half at the lower right, a quarter at upper right and just a thorn like tooth thing at the lower left .. It hurts and just pricks my gums again and again especially when I am about to eat something I like.

Anyways … The thing that makes me me … May be its the simplicity and honesty that I thrive for. I am honest with myself but yeah I can be brutally honest at times. This specific poem that I wrote about months before, I believe it’s a complete depiction of me as a person and my little life and preferences.


Of all my life that I have,
A page to write, a friend by my side,
A simple self, an empty pride.

I make rules and by them I abide,
When they become harsh; by my pen I hide.

I don’t dream the way girls do,
I throw them all with every morn,
For I don’t dream what I can’t fathom,
As I don’t play and I don’t betray.

Yet with open eyes I may have a dream.
Yes I have a dream .. Yes! I have a dream,
For I would have till the end of this life,

Weekly Writing Challenge: Digging for Roots


Write what you feel..

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