The Crazy Things I Do..

Starting it all … i am tired, actually way more than just tired. It’s like you don’t work much and you still feel exhausted … mentally exhausted.
Too much of mind work I know.
So here I decided to pour all the mental exhaustion in one post.. Yeah a bad idea I know but still.

The Photo Challenges fascinate me and like I always do after long blogging breaks .. just starting again with the Photo Challenge.
Emmmm … Achievements.
Practically the word “Achievement” can have variable meanings for different people. It basically depends on the goals a person sets for himself.
For a person like me who is not much purpose oriented, the word Achievement means the tiny little things I do in my little world.

meA sketch that I make,
A poem that I write,

The exposed wire.
The exposed wire.

A fine painting
And even a great blog post.

When it comes to my belongings I am a person who keeps all the things saved for years and years. And yeah a few things get extraordinary attention ; my cellphone, my music player and earphones.

I loved the earphones that I had from the past year or so but apparently due to excessive usage the attachment from its main lead got loose and the inner wire was exposed. That simply meant that they were not going to last long.
I particularly loved those earphones because they are kind of curved or somewhat semi-inverted ear pieces that would fit perfectly in your ears .. A perfect match that gives your favorite music a sense of completion.DSC03759

Here as you can see the little bit inverted perfect ear pieces.

I did not actually wanted to loose this particular piece so I decided to apply my own tiny little tactics and see if they work or not ..


Yes I actually planned on mending just an earphone.

Sounds insane ..
Yup I know ..

I know I could have bought a new one but it’s just that sometimes you just don’t wanna replace a few things because you like them.

At the very beginning I didn’t even know what to do with this thing.
I just had a scotch tape and white glue and that made no sense at all …

Adjoining it with scotch tape was seriously of no use .. because it would not have lasted for more than a week maximum. And same goes with glue.
The glue and tape would have made the things worse as I keep my Walkman in my college bag which is like constantly dragged by me and my friends along with us everywhere from the morning till the evening so whatever the mending thing I had to do had to be firm enough to persist for at least the next few months.

After several minutes of thinking I remembered that years ago I bought a Double Tape which I never used after that. It is a more thick and more tough and binds more firmly as it’s both sides are sticky. I started tying it around theexposed and protruded wire.

New Ideas.
New Ideas.

This part was kind of time consuming.

Securing Ahead.
Securing Ahead.

I had to cut tiny bits of tape again and again so that the pieces join adequately and are sticked properly to the exposed wire.
Since both the sides were sticky so I decided to secure the outer side with simple tape.

So Done.
So Done.

The final shape and look after securing with tape goes somewhat like this.

But again this wasn’t something that I was much confident and satisfied about.

At this point I couldn’t think of anything else that I could do to it further or anything else which I could have possibly done instead of this.

Yeah.. I admit the fact that it looked ugly but the thing that made me even more uncomfortable was that Alas! after so much time it’s still not firm enough.


I started roaming around randomly in the house. After several hours in search of something useful I came across an old earphone that belonged to my sister. Apparently it was not in working condition and it had a black rubber around its main lead. That gave me an immediate solution and I tried to take that rubber off the lead. After several tries I realized that there’s no option except just cutting that rubber off into halves.

Then I pulled it over my own earphone and to my surprise it seemed all in vain.

The rubber was way too small and couldn’t constitute the lead of my phones.

The utmost disappointing moment it had been.

The upper side.
The lower side rubber unfits.

I could have secured it further using any tape but I didn’t wanted it to look messy.

The disadvantage of using normal tapes in these things is that it ultimately looses its stickiness. It’s never long lasting in my case.

I was thinking of something to tie this rubber up but again that would have given a messy touch.

After several minutes of searching I found my old hair bands that I bought once and didn’t use afterwards.

Yes .. I mean the hair ponies.

Yes .. Hair Bands.
Yes .. Hair Bands.

I am planing to mend an earpiece with hair ponies.

My idea worked really well.
The mending was well placed, firm and even more than satisfactory in my opinion.There was no messy look.

All set.
All set.

No tape marks on the front.
No stickiness from the glue.
And even after that much bending and turning the phones were still in perfect working condition which I doubted that won’t stay this way after my poorly assembled mechanical tries. 🙂

Yes .. I know among all of this nothing was actually necessary. I could have gotten a new one immediately but I just loved my previous one so I preferred working on that.

I won’t let you die man”
“I won’t let you die that early”
As I uttered to myself and the phones again,
I can be insane at times and at others i can be one hell of an rational person but that’s actually who I am.

Insanity is an essential component of everyone’s personality and whoever says there is not even a bit of insanity in him/her simply hasn’t known himself truly yet.

That was an achievement for me. 🙂
An insane one… These are some of the crazy things I do. 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

Here goes the final one.
My music player … It has been with me since 4 years now and I love it.
(The song is Monster by Imagine Dragons .. A must listen)

Monster - Imagine Dragons.
Monster – Imagine Dragons.
My Love.
My Love.


  1. Mariyaah,
    I admire your dedication to your earphones. You took care of them like a field medic treating a wounded soldier. I fear I am more heartless with mine and usually through them away when they break, except for the my last pair that I glued because they broke as soon as I bought them. I hope you find some rest from the exhaustion.
    Take care,


  2. same here, the headphones im currently using the pin had the same problem and i mended it with transparent tape, its still working, and i can feel you here that never say die attitude, it was an achievement for me too, cuz i love those headphones…. 😛


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