Creative ZigZags

From a long blogging gap to a sudden urge to write, to create, to express.. Here I try writing again. Like I mentioned in the previous post that my creativity is taking a long nap these days and unfortunately it’s nap isn’t just over yet. Again whenever I pick up a pen words just don’t come up … Anger, frustration, gloom and uncertainty all mingled up. I can’t write and I am not in a mood to do even the little things that I used to love before.

What is that?
Why is that?

Well I can’t just write much so I just decided to post something for the Photo Challenge.
With these zigzags I remember a random painting that I made about 7 years ago.
These were just random brush strokes just to finish up the last remains of Glass paints, Poster paints and Water colours that I had so that I could buy the new ones. Yes … I am greedy in terms of Art and Craft stuff.
I have even used Nail paints in this painting .. Yes I know I act like a lunatic at times. So finally I succeeded in making a mess out of a plain white paper of my old sketch book.

Here goes the fine strokes of Glass paints.Fotor080204346And for the final one.

ok 002Weekly Photo Challenge: ZigZag



  1. Whenever I hit writer’s block, I just let go and take a break to do whatever else I find relaxing, then when you least expect it the words will come 🙂


  2. Well perhaps it is not so bad to take a break from writing every now and then. The pauses are all part of it. And perhaps delving into your sketchbook for something you have created some time ago will give you a fresh perspective for the project you are working on now. I love the way you have combined cold colours and warm to create an explosive image and it works perfectly for this week’s challenge.


    1. Yeah you are absolutely right. Your previous works can be a source of motivation for you whenever you feel low in self esteem and energy, like I do these days.
      Thank you for visiting, appreciating and writing to me Vicbriggs.


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