My Right to Freedomss …

Freedom for me is just like having wings — flying directly to the sky … no boundaries, no guidelines, no limitations, no ethics and no manners. Yes I mean it seriously, sometimes I feel that we are a bit too bound by the ethical codes, the formalities, the rules and regulation stuff blah blah. That doesn’t mean that I wanna live like a Barbarian but all I want is my utmost freedom.

Freedom from greed, freedom from want, freedom of speech and full freedom of expression, freedom from guilt, freedom from the illogical social values, freedom of actions, freedom from cruelty, freedom from abuse, freedom from fears, freedom from hatred and most of all the Freedom to Be Yourself.

Okay.. Generally if we talk about Freedoms .. We’ve gotta talk about the four of them. Freedom from want, freedom of speech, freedom of Worship and freedom from Fears. And for the record the “freedomss” in post name is not misspelled .. I just felt like writing it this way … FREEDOMSSsSSSSSssssssssss .. Because we need loads of them 🙂 .

Whether we have them here or not .. this is actually another discussion. But what I am trying to share here are a few beautiful paintings. While surfing on the internet for several hours I had a blog topic in my mind but eventually when I came across these paintings my mind changed and I decided to share them first as they are simply priceless. They were originally made for Four Freedoms Art Contest held at the Norman Rockwell Museum.

1. Freedom of Speech:

The most inspiring paintings that I found was in this category. May be because generally I consider it the most important form and need of freedom.


This freedom of speech’s first lessons start from our very home. If our elders teach us this way we will be able to stand up against whatever comes in our way.


Do people and society really influence our thoughts and speech?


I don’t think so


2. Freedom from Want:

Previously I said freedom of speech is most important but when I came across paintings on this topic I just couldn’t decide which one to prefer.. Freedom of speech OR freedom from want?? … I am still confused.
Since these paintings are from Ethiopian artists so the main thing that they depict in this category is the “Hunger” .. It’s so heart breaking for me but these paintings should be titled as “Freedom from hunger”.





3. Freedom of Worship:

Humans living all around the world in any part of it have the equal right to choose and practice whatever religion and belief they choose. This is written theoretically in so many of the books but unfortunately the discrimination, the indifference, the prejudice still exists in the hearts of a few .. May be those few are seen everywhere or may be I am so pessimistic to see the goodness in all of them. But unfortunately what I see and hear on television tells me that.



4. Freedom from fear:

This is the freedom from my own agony. My own thoughts that haunt me, follow me and will continue to do so because there’s a beast; a demon inside everyone. ( I wanna have the truth, I wanna shelter you but with the beast inside there’s no where we can hide. No matter what we do we still are made of greed, this is my kingdom come, this is my kingdom come .. Don’t get too close it’s dark inside; it’s where my demons hide it’s where my demons hide …. Ohh I am so in Love with this song)


But after that with all the demons you can never forget that a hell of goodness resides within me. Sometimes I just need to explore it for myself.


And when the demons and angels are all at rest.




  1. Hello I am Ms.Indya Elise this is my first couple hours having my first blog ever. I enjoyed reading your little blog. I ask that you follow me and my post giving me your insight and advice on my thoughts and blogs I will do the same in return


    1. Hey Indya,
      Thank you for liking and visiting but the right way to ask for feedback and advices is to post in Community Pool. You will get appropriate feedbacks on your specific topics of interest.
      Best of luck for your blogging experience ahead.


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