I am NOT an Elegant Person …

There are a few rare days in my life when I think about myself because normally i DON’T. These times are mostly after midnights or a lil before the sunrise when like always I am trying my level best to sleep but just can’t. May be I have insomnia but the culprits are the “Thoughts” that come all the way unwanted and uninvited.
Anyways this is all what I think of myself, combined and composed in something which you can call a poem.

I am not an Elegant Person.
I am not an Elegant Person.

I am not an Elegant Person,
I am not a Pearl from inside,

I am not a door to Heavens,
I am not a fate’s betrayal,
I am not a spring’s affection,
I am all the Leap days that didn’t happen.

I am the tongue; swollen from being too mute,
The ears; numbed by too much silence,
The Doors unhinged, by too much hiding,
A silent prayer that somebody once whispered.

I am not an Elegant Person,
Yet I am NOT what happened to me,

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5 thoughts on “I am NOT an Elegant Person …

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  1. love you are perfect the way you are everyone is elegant in their own comfort zone their own way and you are a gem


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