Inside a Shopping Bag .. As I cackle

When I read about the  Photo challenge for this week the first person that came into my mind was my maternal uncle. He is very jolly and a happy go lucky sort of person. When we were kids and even now he has a habit of kidding around, teasing, pinching everybody and then escaping right away. Nobody even minds that because they know it’s just how he is.

When I was a kid and even now I am very skinny and short (yeah.. I mean just 5 feet .. That makes it very short actually). I can’t say I was like this since the very early ages but now its just that I am ignorant in my diet blah blah or whatever you call it. Due to this I was(and still am) called by many names such as “Skeleton”, “Honey bee”, “Wrestler” and many others.

On that particular day my uncle was leaving for his training sessions out of town while I insisted him to stay or else take me as well. He agreed and told me that I am so tiny that I can even fit into one of his luggage bags.

Then he held me up and really placed me into one of his luggage bags and finally hanged it at his back and started walking while the others saw me and laughed at his idea and how comfortable I seemed fully enclosed in his bag with my face protruding out. Some how it all ended and since I was only of 4-5years at that time so I didn’t even feel embarrassed. In fact I don’t remember it fully, this was all what my elders told me about it. Nobody could take a picture of that moment since photography was not that much into fashion 15 years ago.inside

After that time till I was 20( and even now sometimes) my uncle teases me by saying

“Ooo this is the same old kiddo.. I used to put this kid in my luggage bag behind my back”

Since 15 years have passed after that incident and now my uncle has a lovely little daughter of the same age as I was at that time, I decided to put her in my school bag and take her picture to show it to him. So that now when he teases me I will also have something to strike him back. 🙂 I made her sit in my lap and tried placing her in my school bag but eventually she started crying. I dropped my idea as she is too innocent, adorable and way too lovely to be teased like this.

Plus I absolutely love the way she smiles. This picture was taken when she was just about to sleep and the camera flash stuck her eyes.




    1. 🙂 That as amongst the most embarrassing childhood memory of mine. And now I am preserving it here. See that’s how time changes your perspective.


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