Amazing Plantations

Look mom --- no hands


A few minutes ago I was just surfing round the internet with nothing new to be found and no new post idea. Actually I had a few ideas in mind but they require huge descriptions and honestly speaking, after a long hectic day I seriously don’t feel like writing a long long post. While moving between different sites I saw an image of Japanese growing Pentagon shaped oranges. That might not sound new to a lot of people but for me it is new, strange and impressive on the same hand.pentagonThe Japanese farmers also grow square or pyramid shaped Watermelons. Being square, they provide them with ease of transport and storage. I must say this is very smart indeed.square-watermelonsHand shaped daikons and Carrots were not a result of planned cultivation. Instead they emerged when normal yield was unearthed. The Japanese and Korean women feared these types of monsterous hand plantations.

Look mom --- no hands
Look mom — no hands

korea_hand_shaped_vegetable_ccNow the feet shaped Feasts

Does this match mine?
Does this match mine?

foot__shaped_potato_china_ccAnd the cutest of all … tomatoes of any shape desired for your loved one on valentine (I don’t say that; the description said so)

Wish I could have one
Wish I could have one

To my amusement when I actually finished seeing all the forms of these strange garden tales I found a site where they clearly show how easy it is to make one heart shaped tomato (or any other vegi) for yourself.

Just simply wrap a covering around the unripe fruit/vegetable. Different shaped molds are available for it. The final fruit/vegetable will have the same shape as the mold.wrap
When the vegetable/fruit is ripe simply pull off the covering. Different shapes will be obtained.hhSource of Last part of the post:Daily Mail

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