OmG … Noodles Grow On My Head

I am the only Odd kid in my family which was born with curly hair where all of my siblings have straight ones. Most women in my family have sort of wavy hairs but I am the only pure curly one. My relatives keep on telling me that I have hair exactly like my maternal grandfather but as he died even before I was born so I haven’t seen him (and his hairs mainly). Being a curly kid I always seemed odd to my relatives and the elders kept teasing me by calling different names and comparing my hair with noodles,earthworms and both my paternal and maternal grandmothers use to say that my hairs are like many KNOTS tied to my head as it was very difficult for them to comb them up. This is how I looked when I was almost 5.popeye  Now I know they all loved me and they were just joking around but at that time it was not the case. Most of the times I would rush towards the washroom to see my hair in the mirror and would cry and cry and cry. My mother and my grandmother would comb my hair for like five times a day and I would always think WHY ONLY ME??

Whenever my hair were wet my mother would always say: “Mariyaah see your hair look like straight now” and I would always rush towards the mirror to see how I look now. Eventually after that they would dry and I would start thinking about the same old poor me thing. “I hate my hair”,that’s what I always said.

When I grew up and had my younger siblings my mother was more busy with them and she would always tell me to comb myself. Over these years I stopped looking after my hair,not combing them properly and no oiling at all just because I hated them.9proscons

When I was in 8th grade I started thinking to have a do-over and practically do something to straighten them up. When I asked my mom to bring me a hair straighter she thought I am just being zealous for the time being (as I was and still am not that sort of a person who cares or does much for her looks). Angry, disappointed; I told my sister to straighten my hair up using an iron (Yes it’s the one we use to press clothes) as I lay down with my hair all stretched on the ground. I know that seems insane but that’s how I had become with time. After some time my hair were straight and I ran towards my mother.

“Lalalala… See you didn’t let me do that .. But I did it by myself and now see how amazing my hair seems” 😀

She and my father was hell surprised when my younger sister told them how I actually did that.(Younger sisters always have a big mouth …. Errr… I hate it) They were both scared as well that I may burn myself If I did anything like this again. The next week my father brought me a hair straightener and yeahhh here I go. At that day I decided that from now on I am not gonna spend a single moment with these curls I will straighten them every day till everybody is gonna forget that I actually had curly hair. I am a total alien when things come to cosmetics,hair accessories,makeup and everything but soon after I realized that over the attempts to straighten my hair up again and again, they have turned to be pretty much rough and dry. I started taking care of them, combing them and oiling them properly so that I could straighten them again.

One day my routine suddenly changed when my father’s friend came over and his wife came to me and said,”Kiddo you have beautiful hair”. I looked back at her with utmost amusement. I was not happy as I did not believe her. When she left my sister said sarcastically

“Buahah Beautiful hair??? Actually she has not seen how your hair really are”.

I didn’t say a word after that but I thought to myself.

People say like this just because I said that first. If I learn to be happy with what I have, people will learn it too.

After that I stopped straightening my hair and started taking care of them. Many people used to tell me every now and then that my hair looked great and that is one of those compliments that I love the most.I laugh at my decision of straightening them every time until everybody forgets that I had curls. My hair are much grown and they are pretty long now and I like it. The straightener is always kept in the drawer of the dressing table right in front of me but I don’t touch it. Like the past I never stare at the straightener with my eyes still, hoping and wishing that some day my hair will be straight so I won’t have to use this thing. Curly hair has many many pros.16proscons2proscons








Eventually I have learned to thank God for whatever he has given me and whatever I am blessed with. Now I tell everybody that Noodles grow on my head and I am so proud of it.

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    1. No worries at all.. A part of it was actually meant to be chuckled at 🙂 Thanks anyways.

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  1. I can relate to you SO MUCH. My cousin and I are the only ones in my family who have curly hair – and she’s pretty much destroyed her hair with dyes and straightening etc.

    When I was teaching in Japan, my kids would tell me that my hair looked like noodles, pasta and even an octopus! I haaaaated it as a kid but I’ve grown to love it now.

    I’m always super happy to read stories from other people who understand! I’m getting ready to write one myself! Rock on, my curly-haired amiga! 🙂


    1. Haha i am so glad to read that.
      The thing I don’t like about curly hair is that they don’t grow as fast as the straight ones. I’ve been working for long hair for years and even my younger sibling has hair longer than me although she gets a short haircut yearly.
      Anyways thank you for visiting and spending your time to comment.
      I would love to read your part of the story as well 🙂


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