“Poor Me” Syndrome … Here at my Home

The more I think about Self Pity For Ages.. Would I do the same?? Finally I conclude this May be I can’t decide because I am not standing in their shoes, but yet I’ve been through a lot. When I say a lot I really mean it.

ImageMostly the people who care a lot are the ones who are most difficult to make up with, whenever they are blue. It’s not a hard and fast rule but that’s just what I’ve observed. Cheering those people up normally is something that I don’t even have to make an effort for, But when they are upset — That’s just like banging my head to the wall in front of me.

I write this post as I try to convince my younger sister as she got scolded by my mother for something that wasn’t virtually her fault. She locked herself in the bathroom for hours then at bedtime she just grabbed the music player and rushed towards the terrace because she knew that I would want to talk.

Normally I don’t consider myself as a caring elder sister to the three of my younger siblings but I just try to be one. And nowadays as I am becoming more and more short tempered, I ruin all my efforts myself by just being ANGRY.

ImageThis was not the case that day. I was equally calm and persistent as I went to convince her. I decided to talk firstly about whatever happened today and then I would skip to random topics and jokes to cheer her up. I started talking and she pretended to play a game, not laying an ear on whatever I had to say. On everything I said , I got an abrupt reply full of disappointment. I hate disappointments (I guess everybody does) and even more than that I am more annoyed by those people who just don’t get these disappointments off their heads.

Anyways I just continued explaining things for her just hoping that at some point she’ll understand. When suddenly she starts banging her head on the chair (the chairs were made of iron and I bet she would’ve been hurt). I tried stoping her but it was like my words had no meaning at all.

“I hate myself, I hate myself”, that’s the only thing that she would say. I tried stopping her by my hands, and without even knowing I unintentionally slapped her so that she would stop. She stopped immediately, then cried and left for the other room.

O my! I was just trying to cheer her up and what she did?? Still I again followed her as she reached the other room. This time I decided not to say a word, instead I just told her to come with me to sleep. She told me she wasn’t in a mood and will come later. I insisted to stay until she makes up her mind to sleep. After an hour of sitting quietly we both agreed and moved towards the bedroom and now she is sleeping right next to me.

oct06_roxy02All I am doing now is just writing and watching her sleep as she breaths loudly with her mouth wide open and still looks innocent. I bet her head still hurts.

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