Wanna Read .. “A Heart”

Well as per the question asked today

You’ve been granted magical engineering skills, but you can only use them to build one gadget or machine. What do you build?

If you talk about a facilitating widget I can say a robot, a learning machine or what so ever. But when the word MAGIC is specifically used I would opt for something that is beyond man power, something that humans can never achieve by themselves. Lets first think about something in my life that is quite hard for me to do ….

Looking inside a person’s heart, feeling the pain he/she feels, seeing that their intentions were never wrong, observing that which word of mine makes them hurt so that I would never say it again. On the contrary learning the intentions of those who seem like a friend but actually they are not. That’s what they say “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.

ImageI wanna have a Heart Reader in my eyes, So that I can know it all at the very first glance. The way you think about me, the way you take whatever I say, The way your heart feels about whatever you say, the actual meaning behind every single word of yours, the compliments you give just for the sake of formality, the fake interest you show just for the sake of conversing, what others think when they walk past you without even noticing, Had they actually overlooked??? Or they were just making excuses??? Are people actually busy or are they just Bragging?? What interests do you have for yourself when you offer help to others?? What do you actually mean when you tell 12 girls/guys at a time that you Love them??

What reasons do they have when they say They are Sorry?? How I interpreted things the wrong way, Had I been misjudging their kindness all the time?? What reasons do they have when they say I don’t care? What are the issues that made them cold-hearted? Which word of mine would bring them back to living? What do they have in mind when they say I am a complete disappointment? And what would it take to tell them that I do care and I Love them despite the differences??


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      1. On a positive side Andy, seeing others’ pain would make us think before every step we take and every move we make. Take a look at the video in related post to this, you’ll surely get a clearer perspective of things. ________________________________


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