My words are loud .. As i stay quiet

My words are loud, As i stay quiet,
My heeds are bound, As i stay quiet,

I stood next to you,
For all you’ve been through,
For all you denied,
For all you couldn’t hide,
Yet my being kept aside, As i stayed quiet,
My words were loud, As i stayed quiet.

The situation still the same,
Yet the agony that you couldn’t abide,
My words stuck in my throat,
As you are not habitual of my voice,
My words were feeble,
And your eyes,couldn’t devise,

My perception skeptical,my love undefined,
My silence irrational,my intensions unkind,
My heeds are bound as i stay quiet,
My words were loud, As i stay quiet.

Still you would never get my words,
As i stay quiet, As i stay quiet.



  1. What a phenomenal line … “My words are loud, as I stay quiet” … Love this very much, so much of it resonated with me for this past week, and thank you for sharing …


    1. Thank you so much man 🙂
      I spent 2 hours in writing this and coming up with the exact ideas and wordings.
      Your words made my effort worthwhile 🙂


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