What is actually a noble profession??

ImageLast week i had an opportunity to attend a medical seminar and so I availed that.After several hours of introductory speeches the Worthy Speaker raised a question:

Is Health Care a noble profession??

The crowd replied: YES.

And when they were asked for the reasons they were like:

Because we are dealing with human lives,because we are imposed with a responsibility,because innocent beings are looking forward to us,because you have the whole world of a person in your hands,because you serve as an angel,a life savior,a philanthropist,and through you they are blessed with one of the virtues of God and that is Giving life to a being.

Now the Speaker asked:

If Health Care is a noble one than which profession is not a noble one??(except robbery etc)

Is Engineering,Marketing,Teaching etc a non-noble profession??

Is the Sweeper working outside, not noble??


Image      Image


So , everybody claims of his/her profession as being noble.But the question remains the same.

Which profession is not a noble one???

What actually does noble mean??

Firstly the word NOBLE means:

having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals,righteous,virtuous,honorable,decent,upright ,moral,ethical etc.

So can nobility be associated with a profession??

If yes,then

Isn’t nobility a human virtue???


Yes, nobility is only a human virtue.

A profession can never be noble.It’s the person which makes it noble,reliable and may be not noble.

You make and govern your own way,your own habits,your own dignity,your own qualities,and your own virtues and then you transfer the relative qualities to your profession as well.


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