The Urge of Paper

Hmmm blogging now…Although i am not actually fond of and at all comfortable with this typing but still its not too bad.Yet it can never compete with a piece of paper.

In my life paper works as a miracle.Its the only thing that remains here when everyone and everything changes its place and worth.We ignore so many little things in our lives but these things serve as a ladder in our journey of life.No one can realize the worth of a few sentences written by you on a piece of paper.Image

Whenever i was gloomy i felt like having a paper and pen with me and to write whatever soothes me,however,this urge of paper has now changed to a mobile or a laptop for blogging.

This paper and art can take many forms in my life just to ease my mind.Sometimes in the form of long poems,sketches,a personal diary,conversing with friends during lectures,making code words for letters,code letters to my buddy,painting the glass,the fabrics,the canvas,and the torn pieces of old diaries.

Never forgetting the worst and use of paper that is in the form of …. My semester marksheet ..anyways…that’s another topic.


Write what you feel..

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