Solutions to the language of sarcasm

This is in response to my previous post ” Zip up your tongue First”

 how can we help those children??

Thinking of the solutions now …..

There can be just a few options

1. The sarcastic beings should change their attitude and mind their tongues.

(practically not possible)

2. You should change your attitude and stop being bothered by this shit.

3. If someone else is suffering from these issues then how can we help??? …We can help by uttering just a few kind words and believe me this will help allot.


The second option seems appropriate to me as we can’t change the behavior of the whole world but we have the command over ours.I have learnt doing that.It is difficult at the beginning but not impossible at all.

People may call you “Dheet” or ” Deaf” or “self-centered”  or whatever but you and your closed ones know who actually you are and that’s just enough for all …

I have always worked on the third option and want the others to do the same.


Write what you feel..

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