Zip up your tongue First …

In our society 3 out of every 5 children in the middle class and the lower class are suffering from these problems,inappropriate behaviors,abusive language,the taunts which are regarded as jokes by the elders,short temperament of the elders,mockery by their siblings or classmates and unnecessary snapping by one or both of the parents.

This deride and revile by a tauntress may seem inconspicuous and may be forsaken for the time being but these words have a long lasting affect.They can actually conquer a child’s mind and his activities and thinking abilities can come to a hault.

the causes,the issues,the consequences,the events and finally the conclusions; I realize that it’s actually the people’s attitude,their behavior that makes you own or disown a place

Yes … i do agree that children cannot be treated politely all the time,Parents do get provoked for their betterment.But it also true that the parents or elders spit out their frustration into a few words of contemptuousness,which they do not actually mean but those words are a great burden for a child’s innocent mind.Your one word of derision may entirely kill a kid’s self esteem.



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