Nothing be … but a good listener

“Nothing be, but a good listener”

“A good listener is always a silent flatterer”

  “A good listener does not mean that he has nothing to say,a good listener is a good talker with a sore throat”

“Great leaders are always good listeners”

Apart from all of these things they are various pros and cons of being a listener.

  • PROS:

People may think of you as:

• patient

• understanding

• trustworthy and innocent

• may be sympathetic

• and your words are valued

             It is an important factor in any relationship any friendship.It brings a certain level of comfort whenever the thing is about sharing your problems and personal issues.Obviously nobody would like to highlight his personal issues in front of a person who doesn’t even give him a chance to talk or to explain.I have always experienced this lackness when sharing my issues.

  • CONS:

On the other hand,there is an opposite side to it as well.

People might not understand you completely as you are not loud like others.

When it comes to social behaviors , people may think of you as deaf or dumb and may try to trespass you.

When it comes to normal relations, In any misunderstanding it is quite difficult for a listener to clarify himself as compared to a loud person.


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