Days in Life of a Student

3rd of July was the date for my final practical exam, so here i am waiting for my turn for the viva.
Everybody around here is studying,practicing busy in discussion or arguments and like always, I am not interested in the typical discussions or group studies.

Sometimes i think i am just fed up of this life … the same studies,the repeated exams, the same boring lectures and all the same blah blah blah throughout the day. The same old cafeteria with nothing special to eat,the same old wallet .. always empty ,the same old people giggling and gossiping ,the same stupid questions everyday, the same old mates inquiring about everyone’s relationship status, the same old library assistant always kicking us out of the library ,the same old teachers and their so called mannerism and ethics…. Oh my!!

well this is all just a bird’s eye view.

Whenever i think about all of these things calmly i always figure out that student life is not just suffering ,its a blessing,a gift, a relief from everything that you are facing in your personal life,an escape from everything that is going on in our society,literally like a declaration of divine favor or a wish of felicity or an endorsement of congratulation.

Starting from the very morning till the time when your energy levels are completely nullified.Always late and always expecting that the lecturer won’t let you in.
The lecturer always warns you that this is the last chance and the very last time he is letting you in.
The endless yawning ,the secret encouragement upon a disgusting joke , the surprise birthday parties always ruined ,the over sized lab coats ,the suffocated face masks and the gloves in which we look just like baked chicks.
A problematic classmate who always wants to learn o
more and more and you get irritated by his curiosity.

A dirty fellow who is always dear, An annoying group of the class that always makes you tighten your fists, hah and a few nerds which sound like pure idiots, the strange moments when you are actually impressed by the nerd community and decide to study just like them ,the fucking moment when you open your book and can’t stop giggling ,the most involving artistic displays on the last page of your books ,the stupid crushes ,the discouraging moment when you find out that your crush is actually committed ,the irritating moments when the clock seems static in the lectures, the awesome bunk plan …. and everything ..

I wonder how life without it is gonna be … totally incomplete and monotonic.
Today sitting in my lecture hall after 2 months of exams i realized that I AM TRULY BLESSED..

I just can’t thank him enough for his blessings and conferring …


Write what you feel..

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