The hidden meaning behind a sketch

A few days back i went to an art exhibition held at my college library.Everything was pretty good over there but one sketch specifically grabbed my attention.I stood there for a long time looking at the beauty and the hidden meaning behind that sketch.

Here goes the sketch







Its about a bitter truth that cannot be said but only seen in a man’s eyes,can only be felt by a woman’s heart,can not be ignored,can not be discarded,can not be eliminated,no woman can escape from it,it’s not to be laughed at,not to be trusted ….


Its a “MAN’S GREED” .… which is never fulfilled throughout his life … Never satisfied …Always keeps growing and grooming in his heart his eyes…  never refrained … No one can touch its boundaries … It never rests and is never rusted … Which is always hungry …. Just like a huge reptile that kills and victimizes every weak creature that comes in its way ….which has no mercy …filled with selfishness … It’s the lust that has no end … And which is the only power that a coward man can use.

And a “WOMEN’S FEAR” ….which keeps her away from herself… which provokes selflessness in her …which pushes her deep down into the darkness of the world ..which penetrates deep into her soul …which haunts her dreams for years …kills her confidence … her grace …her peace of mind and thinking abilities … It’s just like a tornado …that travels and wipes off everything that comes in its way …it’s the fear that makes a woman fall into a man’s arms …without her will …with her body trembling …her soul injured …her grace crucified …the tears have become dry but the grief surrounds the living dead daughter of Hawwa …and the pride of Adam …

The fear of greed …the fear of lust ….encircles a woman’s life.No matter where she goes,no matter what she does,she’ll always have to face those eyes and those words.


Sometimes i think that even Adam soul would tremble after looking that what’s happening to his daughters here.In the name of Love,In the name of relationship,In the name of revenge and sometimes by its original name “LUST”.

I wonder how an Adam’s son can behave even worst than dogs and pigs just for a piece of flesh???

Okay … If you don’t believe me just think about a moment that you have had a huge fight with a male friend of yours.What would be the one sentence that he’ll say in extreme anger …????

Don’t know????

Lemme remind you..



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