Busy in my whimsical day,

Found a few pieces on my way,
Broken ,segmented & torn,
A symbol of resilience in the morn,
I picked them up with a sigh,
Hid my face, so they won’t see me cry,
Held every fragment in my hand,
& ran back home as i couldn’t stand.

Ambivalent… Wondering how to fill the gap,
I arranged them all in my lap,
Fixed every bit with everything i had,
Mended with all the love,a delirious person can have,
Glued all the scratches,removing defection,
It smiled back at me,waving with affection,

Then time traveled,eclipse passed and the glaciers melted,
Glues dried,pieces joined and the wounds wilted,
That night,I imagined how beautiful it had been in the past,n slept,

When i roused up,it wasn’t where it was kept,
I recalled how i struggled for it to be corrected,
Then i saw something familiar,as it had been resurrected,

It turned out to be a beauteous frame,
With it’s heart bulging and writing my name,
It was more enchanting than my imagination last night,
I took a steady step and got amused with delight,

I saw myself in a charming frame,
It was a mirror,written with my name,
YES!! was you my little ME,
More than just precious than anything could ever be…



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